More from The Beat's interview with Christopher Preston Thompson of Renaissance music quartet Good Pennyworths

The Beat caught up with Renaissance music quartet Good Pennyworths in the midst of its summer tour of the Midwest, on the road headed south out of Wisconsin intom Illinois. The tour will bring them to Capital University for a concert tonight sponsored by Early Music in Columbus.

So naturally, we asked if, like any good touring group, they were tooling around in a beat-up van.

"It's a van, but not a beat-up van. It's a pretty nice new van," Thompson said. "I can hook my iPod up and play it through the speakers."

Not as good of a story, in our opinion.

The Columbus date is a homecoming and a home-going of sorts for two members of the group. Garald Farnham, the GP's founder, is a graduate of capital University. And soprano Jacquelyn Penfold will be staying in town to pursue a master's degree at Capital.