Red Wanting Blue, including Westerville native Eric Hall, will play the David Letterman Show July 18.

Playing The Late Show with David Letterman is a big deal for any band, but it's an especially big deal for one making it's first appearance. Which is what modern rockers Red Wanting Blue, a group that cut its teeth in central and southern Ohio, will do on Wednesday, july 18.

The long road from local to regional to national touring act doesn't necessarily end with a major network television appearance, but it can't hurt.

"It's definitely a big step, a nice highlight to add to your resume," Eric Hall, RWB guitarist and Westerville native, told The Beat.

"We've been playing New York for years and have built up a pretty good following," Hall said. "A woman from the show came out to one of our shows. It's pretty amazing."

Hall, a 2002 Westerville South High School graduate, joined the band about five years ago and has made the last two records with the band, including From the Vanishing Point, released earleir this year. He said the band is likely to play Audition, a song from its most recent album, on the show, although it's not written in stone. He said the woman from the Letterman show that came out to see them before booking them liked that one, and that "we'll probably have to take her advice."

Though the show is taped, it still runs in many ways live a live broadcast, including having a timed segment to feature the musical guest. Hall said one of the things RWB is doing to prepare is taking about 15 seconds off the song. He said the band has done live TV appearances before, and understands how that works.

Hall figures it's worth it.

"I grew up watching Letterman, and I always thought maybe someday I'd be in a band that would play (on the show)," Hall said. "Once you're actually in a band you realize that the industry is maybe not what you thought it was, and maybe that was naive."

"But here we are."