More from The Beat's interview with Tristen.

As we said in our feature piece (read it here) on Tristen, who plays Lifestyle Communities Pavilion Sunday, July 15, with The Airborne Toxic Event and Minus the Bear, her music hearkens back to a time when the line between rock 'n' roll and country music was regularly crossed. We could have said "didn't exist for all intents and purposes."

The young Nashville singer/songwriter has an old soul, at least in her music, so we figured the juxtaposition leant itself to her having an interesting record collection (a topic we love to discuss during artist interviews anyway).

"It's getting pretty nice, I guess," she told us. "With all the traveling we've been doing, we get to a lot of record stories."

"It's kind of random, a lot of different stuff. A lot of stuff I'm trying to complete in the collection. Dylan, Springsteen. My aunt gave me some Springsteen records because I didn't have any."

"If I had a lot of money..." she joked.

Then she added "And there's kind of snobby thing where I think 'If you haven't had three great records I don't (care) about you. Of course, that means people don't have to (care) about me."

In time, in time. Meanwhile, you can see/hear her live and have "cared) about her before she was worthy.