Local Latin musician Enrique Infante has a new record out

Local musician Enrique Infante was nerly omnipresent at last weekend's Festival Latino - performing on both the main stage and in the children's area, plus a taekwondo demonstration. Busy.

If you missed any/all of that, the good news is that Infante has a new record out, called Canciones Ajenas (Other People's Songs). The record boasts songs in a variety of styles, from Santana-esque Latin rock to smooth percussion and acoustic guitar ballads and even hints of the traditional music of his native Peru. Well worth a listen.

Additionally, Infante's song Colors of Columbus, was selected as one of the winners of the "200Columbus In Song Contest" in celebration of the city's bincentennial.

Keep up with Enrique on his Facebook page. And buy his records at Amazon, CD Baby and on iTunes.