Blogging on CATCO's production of Avenue Q

Everyone was in agreement. You CAN say stuff as a puppet you might not say as a human.

Well, something like that.

Then The Beat donned Trekkie Monster and, well, we just kept on talking like ourselves. So either we are already a puppet, or something's amiss.

Which was why we called in CATCO's Steven Anderson during our video shoot to preview Avenue Q. (Watch and read our feature piee here.) We have to admit we were a little surprised they even let us touch, let along use, one of the puppets from the musical, but hey, who are we to question someone else's judgment?

And you saw a little bit of this in the video, but Anderson was directing us from the moment we picked the thing up. It was cool. And we were not good. We needed all the direction he could muster.

And if they'd have let us sing (look, we might question their judgment, but not their intelligence), we think we might have chosen this ditty.

So anyway, you should see this show. Find out more at the CATCO website.

And if not, well, screw you!