Eilen Jewell to play Natalie's Coal Fired Pizza Friday.

What a fun chat we had with throwback country singer Eilen Jewell (story here), whom Zeppelin Productions brings to Natalie's Coal Fired Pizza tonight. All indications are the show is sold out, but there may be some standing-room opportunities at the door. Check out the web site just in case.

We caught up with the singer (and her band) in Nebraska, on their way from Oregon to Cincinnati - such is the life of a road warrior.

She credited her father for some of her old-timey musical mentality, but also said that much of her musical formation occurred while listening to the radio on her own. Oldies, of course. Buddy Holly, The Kinks, etc. "I owe a lot to the radio," she said.

The Beat replied something to the effect of "If only radio would play your songs more."

She agreed, and added, "or anything I like."

Little bit of condemnation for commercial radio, that.

In fairness, her music has found its way onto WCBE.