Dance Party 2012 Friday night at Villa Milano.

The Beat was just a little too young to be in on the post-Beatles height-of-American-Bandstand era of American rock and roll. We tell you this not to crow about our age, but in disappointment that we missed out on such a vibrant era. Oh sure, with modern technology, everyone can make a record - most of 'em even sound good. And hang around any college or high school campus, and you're bound to find talended kids. But, and perhaps it's nostalgia for having missed it, but the late 60s seem like it would have been a special time to be a rock and roller. Heck, you were helping define what a rock and roller even was!

We were able to get a sense of this period in time in Columbus rock and roll history from Jeff Johnson and Lynn Wehr, courtesy interviews we did with them to preview Dance Party 2012 - read the story here. Johnson acknowledged they were "aprticipating in a golden age."

The young men from those bands eventually - of course - scattered. But soem of them have reconstructed that legacy - for example, Wehr's band The Neighborhood Boys takes its name from having literally formed from guys in his neighborhood. Johnson plays in the Pat Malloy Band, while the Professors includes Dantes frontman Barry Hayden.

Last year's Dance Party rekindled the fun for a lot of folks, so they're doing it again this year, Friday night at Villa Milano. Dig these clips from last year's event -- The Professors, The Neighborhood Boys and The Pat Malloy Band.

Details on this year's event can be found here.