Wrap up on last weekend's 'How to Train Your Dragon' Live show.

A brief summary of reviews we've received (officially and otherwise) from last weekend, but first one last chance to watch the way-cool video we did with dragons and their trainers.

Reviews were all positive, despite some recurring technical difficulties that distratced from but did not destroy the experience. The most commonly-noted positive was - and you can see this close-up on the video - the facial expression and body design of the dragons themselves. For that, you have Global Creatures to thank.

The effects across the board were well-received, with only a few nitpicks. Consider this a win for the producers also, as - in our opinion anyway - that's the selling point of the show (much like the selling point of this blog - read it, sure, but WATCH THE VIDEO!). The story mirrors the cute film version's storyline, but there's only so much story you can tell when you're making all this technological coolness happen.

A couple folks gave credit to the actors, mostly for their acrobatics and physicality.