More on the 'How to Train Your Dragon' Live Spectacular.

When we caught up with How to Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular star Sarah McCreanor, she was "on my way to work."

(Wait. You know we did a big feature piece on the show, right? If you haven't, read it first, then come back.)

The Beat has no doubt that what McCreanor does as Astrid in the show is hard work, and indeed she was making her way to East Rutherford, N.J.'s Izod Center for that day's Dragon shows, but it's hard to think of cavorting on a giant stage with giant animatronic dragons as "work."

But if work is a natural progression of training, education and practice, then work indeed is what the young Aussie is doing. (Well, that and traveling the world, something McCreanor hoped to do but "definitely not at my age. This all came so suddenly.")

The Beat asked McCreanor how she might classify herself, and got a list in reply.

"I guess a little bit of everything. Dancing comes first. But I also love musical theatre, acting, music, comedy."

All of which she's done, even in her studies at the Queensland Academy for Creative Studies (where she co-created the dance/comedy duo Mitch and Max.)

We had to share this with you as well, if you needed clearere indication McCreanor can handle the physicality and acrobatics required for Dragon.

Stay tuned for more from McCreanor, as we visit the Schott for a pre-show video shoot Wednesday afternoon.