David Broza - blast from The Beat's past

Israeli singer-guitarist David Broza plays the Lincoln Theatre Wednesday in a CityMusic-sponsored show. Details here.

We had to do some digging, but The Beat recalled an interview with Mr. Broza from some number of years back - we discovered a piece from January, 2000. Broza was only a year removed from an accident that left him temporarily paralyzed, and he was attacking his career with additional vigor.

"I was paralyzed and couldn't play. I was in serious therapy, but it led to a lot of new things, new levels of understanding," he told us at the time.

Broza also discussed the effect his cosmopolitan upbringing - his family resided in Israel, England and Spain at different times when he was growing up - had on his approach to music.

“It makes me curious, and not afraid of what I find by trying something new. I’m at home when I’m surrounded by uncertainty.”

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By: Jim Fischer

11 / 13 / 12

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