More from The Beat's interview with Christian singer-songwriter Brandon Heath.

This wasn't the first time we had the good fortune to chat with Christian singer-songwriter Brandon Heath - wait, you read the story, right? Anyway, he has always proven thoughtful, candid and fun.

In addition to what he had to tell us that we did include in the story were some interesting things he had to say about songwriting.

We talked to him about writing "praise and worship" songs, songs meant to be sung by a congregation/audience specifically.

"There is nothing more honorable than to sing a song that brings people into the presence of God," he said. "For me, though, my songs aren't as corporate (for singing). But I would love to write and praise and worship record."

We also asked if he;d ever consider writing a "secular" record.

"Some day that would be cool, but I'd have to go totally in that direction. Most likely it would be country, but that's not part of the plan right now."

Personally, The Beat thinks Heath would be a heckuva country songwriter. Dig.