Off-topic stuff from The Beat's interviews with the two singer-songwriters

We shared with you some of the non-interview portion of our chat with Anna Vogelzang (read the original print piece here), but none from our interview with Ellis Paul (print piece here) for whom Vogelzang opens Friday night in a Six String Concerts, um, concert.

So we'll get into a little of both here.

In addition to small talk about the weather, we did visit a little with Vogelzang about her undergraduate career at Carnegie Mellon University, in The Beat's hometown of Pittsburgh. She said she still gets back for a gig at least once a year, playing an on-campus restaurant.

"It's a nice connection. I love the school. I had a good experience there."

We also talked about the upcoming Folk Alliance Conference, a giant networking event for artists, presenters and everyone in between. It was at last year's event that Vogelzang met some folks with Six String - likely leading to her gig here this weekend.

"It's kind of a zoo," she explained. Long story short, the number of formal events is far outstripped by the number of informal events - singer-songwriters just playing all day long in a hotel room, in a wing that features a host of other artists doing the exact same thing. Which also leads to informal jam sessions. At one point, we asked her if she serves coffee and snacks and such.

While Vogelzang may be just beginning an association with Six String, Paul has been a series favorite for years - he's played the series five times between 1994 and 2010, the earliest of which he recalled fondly.

"I opened for Patty Larkin. I sold like 100 CDs that night. It's been great ever since."

As for some personal stuff on Ellis, well, we were originally scheduled to call him the day of his birthday. When we asked his publicist if she was sure, she got back with us and suggested maybe to look at a different day. This made us feel better.

"I had a nice dinner in Boston with friends. It was a long weekend celebration, a long stream of alcohol and chocolate cake," he informed us.