Additional thoughts on "Suite Rosa," CJO's tribute to Rosa Parks, from Byron Stripling

Always a good thing when we get to spend time chatting with Columbus Jazz Orchestra music director Byron Stripling. Visiting about the CJO's upcoming concerts paying tribute to Rosa Parks (2013 marks the 100th anniversary of her birth) was no different.

(Read our print piece here.)

A recurring theme was "truth." Stripling said that Parks' act of passive resistance, done with no gun in her purse and without yelling or threats, it opened people's eyes to the truths of what was being done to blacks with water hoses, dogs and billy clubs.

"People recognized the truth, and they did not feel good about it," he said.

Later in our chat Stripling commented about the role of art and artists in broader society. The point has certainly been made before, but ity can't be said enough, in our estimation.

"Sometimes it takes an artist to help move stuff forward, because and artist can get at the real truth."