More from The Beat's interview with Donora's Casey Hanner.

This will come as a surprise to some of you, but The beat actually does some advance research/prep prior to compiling our weekly Fab listing and determining which acts might make for interesting interviews (which is not to say that availability isn't a significant factor - we can confess that). One of our first stops in checking out Pittsburgh-based indie pop trio Donora was YouTibe, where we happened on this video, for an older (for them, anyway) tune Shout. Way fun tune, but we were also taken with how much fun they seemed to be having, especially singer/guitarist Casey Hanner.

(Watch the video for yourself. While you're there, check the right-rail and watch some other Donora vids. They have some lever ones.)

When we interviewed Casey for our print piece, we got the same "I'm having fun" vibe, which is cool. Young people rocking out should be having fun.

That the band's music also sounds fun, Casey said, is credited to her brother, Jake Hanner, who "produces and directs the sound of the band."

The siblings started playing together about 6-7 years ago, more recently adding "the other Jake," Churton, on bass.

While this marks Donora's first extended excursion through the Midwest, Casey Hanner said they love coming to Columbus, saying that the venue, Kobo, has "been really awesome to us."