More from The Beat's interviews with Alex Maas of The Black Angels and Rishi Dhri of Elephant Stone.

Don't want to drone on and on here, but as these two bands demonstrate, sometimes a drone can be a compelling thing.

Austin's The Black Angels build the intensity be never releasing it. Tension. It's a cool thing. Watch this. The stuff both is and is not straight out of the 60s.

Read our print piece here, and find out what Maas has to say about colors and his band's music. He also told us that writing songs is less about having a plan than "just writing."

"We don't really have a concept going in (to making a record). It's more of a document of where we are. We don't know what the story is until it's finished."

Longtime friend-of-Maas, Rishi Dhir, brings his new band, Elephant Stone, along for the ride on this Black Angels tour. Same dichotomy of throwback and modern at once, yet a different take than Maas'. Watch and listen here. (And, oh yeah, there's a print piece for these guys, too.)

"Now is a good time for rock and roll," he told The Beat. "The Black Angels are building this community, and we're lucky to be a part of it."

"I ususally have am lot of ideas running around in my head," Dhir also said, adding that time to do something with all of them has become precious.

"I have two kids so there's not as much time to write and make records."

The recording of Elephant Stone's second album was done in a relatively short time and mostly done live in the studio, rather than multi-tracked.

"It was just four musicians playign live. Pure feel."