It's been a couple weeks since we wrote (and danced) on CATCO's production of Five Guys Named Moe. Read and watch in all their glory here.

The show continues through May 26, so if you haven't seen it, there's still time. (And besides, The Beat predicts the run will be extended.)

And if you haven't, and are on the fence about attending... check out this entry from the CATCO Facebook page:

So at the end of the show when Four Eyed Moe sings Sister Look Out, we choose three ladies from the audience. He always asks if they have a husband or boyfriend in the audience. One of his choices at the matinee yesterday said she had both. One never knows what will happen when the Moes cut loose.

What more could we add?

Just that Five Guys is the first of three summer musicals CATCO has planned.