More from The Beat's interview with Greta Morgann of The Hush Sound.

Asked how the band's current tour - its first formal tour since ending a three-year hiatus - is going, The Hush Sound's Greta Morgan told The Beat, "We sound terrible. Nobody's having any fun."

The sarcastic answer fit with something she said later in the interview, which is that the band "has a new level of spontaneity in our show. There's a lot of banter and playing around. Like a comedy act. Or maybe more like siblings giving each other a hard time."

So we suggested, being that THS is a comedy act and a musical act, they could charge double for tickets to their shows. Morgan countered, "I feel like we're already charging double."

Again, that fits with something she said later, regarding trying to look at what her band is doing from a fan's perspective.

In all, it fits with something we note in our print piece, which is that the band members, and Morgan in particular, were young when the band became an indie darling in the late 2000s. The time away seems to have been well-spent.

The Hush Sound plays the A&R Bar tonight. Details at the link to our print piece.