More from The Beat's interview with Guster's Brian Rosenworcel

We at The Beat are professionals, so we do our due diligence in prepping for any artist interview. Our prep for interviewing Brian Rosenworcel, drummer/percussionist for quirky pop-rockers Guster, was no different. (Read our print piece here.)

It was suggested by a Critic Crony that we ask Rosenworcel about hand or wrist surgery he had as a result of his playing style - he previously played all percussion by hand, and in such a manner as to earn the nickname "Thundergod." (Watch this video for a peek.)

So we did. And were corrected. (So much for preparation.)

"I haven't had surgery, no."

"There were a lot of rumors from when I was particularly abusive on stage. I would bleed a lot. I had a huge store of crazy glue, foam and hockey tape."

"There was plenty of purple heart glory."

But no surgery?

"All urban legends are good. Let's keep them alive."