More from The Beat's interview with Laura Wilde

This summer marks the second year that young Aussie guitar whiz Laura Wilde has toured the U.S. with Ted Nugent. If you're interested in tales of craziness, you've probably come to the wrong place -- "We're having more fun than any pool party" was as detailed a look at her summer as Wilde would get.

There is some video documentation of this fun of which she speaks.

(Wait. You didn'y know The Beat has a full feature story on the guitar-slinger? Well check it out here.)

Wilde did offer a brief character study of the Motor City Madman.

"He's passionate about whatever he sets his mind to. He's a beast on stage. Off-stage he's nothing but lovely."

When we asked if she ever thinks to out-do Terrible Ted with some guitar histrionics, Wilde opted for deferential over defiant.

"I think that's one I'm not going to win."