Looking ahead to this weekend's Dublin Irish Festival

The Beat, like many non-Irish central Ohioans, enjoys the annual Dublin Irish Festival.

Some of the reasons are the same as most others', but some are because of the opportunities it affords us.

Like earlier this week, when we met Brian Batty of Capital City Pipes & Drums and he let us try making sound on a set of pipes. We've always wented to learn, and, not that simply blowing through them is "playing," but still. It was fun, and difficult.

A couple years back we modeled a kilt with the help of the good folks at Ha'penny Bridge. Yep, that was captured on video as well.

We find that there are some great interviews to be had with the artists performing at the festival, and, upon seeing The Young Dubliners on this year's schedule, we recalled one of our favorite stories we've had shared with us, courtesy Keith Roberts, in brief form and with an understanding you'd fill in the rest.

"(My mother) told me that when I was teething, she would salve a little bit of Irish whiskey on my gums. That explains a (deleted) lot."