More from The Beat's interview with Jillette Johnson

A lot of work goes into the making of an album, not the least of which is selecting the songs to be included on said.

The folks at Wind-Up Records convinced singer-songwriter Jillette Johnson to "toss in" an older song of hers titled Box of Crayons as the final track on her debut CD, Water in a Whale.

"It is a song I wrote a long time ago (which probably makes the young singer a teenager when it was written). I played it for the first time in maybe five years as an encore at my album release show and it turned out to be the highlight of the show. It made me want to play it all the time - gave the song new life."

So you can expect to hear Box of Crayons tonight at The Basement, where Johnson and Satellite share the bill.

Read our print piece from our interview with Johnson, and get info on tonight's show, here.