More from The Beat's fall arts preview with Edwaard Liang of BalletMet Columbus, David Danzmayr of ProMusica Chamber Orchestra and Jean-Marie Zeitouni of the Columbus Symphony Orchestra.

As we noted in the second installment of our fall arts preview, 2013-2014 is a season of transition for BalletMet Columbus, which welcomes new Artistic Director Edwaard Liang; ProMusica Chamber Orchestra, with new maestro David Danzmayr in his first year on the podium; and the Columbus Symphony Orchestra, which marks the final season for Jean-Marie Zeitouni serving as music director.

We've written about these in the past, but had another chance to visit with each of these men in preparing for the arts season preview.

"I'm happy about the work we've done together," Zeitouin said. "I love the musicians, the organization, the audeince."

Zeitouni has a new family in Montreal, and his dual residency no longer worked for his personal life.

"That was the main reason, because my family situation has changed."

"I think the orchestra is in a better situation both financially and artisticallly, and better positioned to go out and get somebody really good."

Of course, they had one, but it's hard to begrudge a guy with a little girl with whom he'd like to spend more time.

Danzmayr has guest-conductred ProMusica in three "capacities" - before the music director position was open, as a candidate for the position, and following his selection to become ProMusica's second music director.

"It was already a lot of fun to guest conduct," he told The Beat, adding that he's looking forward to "basically everything" about taking the podium full-time.

"It's been about a year since I was music director designate, and I've not been sitting idly. It's more of a transition than a sudden leap. The coming season is all mine in program and in shape."

"It's a big shift," Liang said of moving from wearing a choreographer's hat to that of an artistic director.

"There's a lot motre planning and meetings. It's a good thing I'm intersted in that."

Liang said he's looking forward to "helping foster dancers' careers, helping other choreographers to build their resumes - really the whole business of dance."