Yes, this is what we called the fellows in rock trio Biffy Clyro in the opening of our print piece (read it here). Part of our interview dealt with how and how much where someone is from/is raised affects a band's music. Specifically, what makes Biffy Clyro a Scottish band - if anything?

Neil had some interesting thoughts. We mentioned that many of the bands to which Biffy is compared are American rock acts - Foo Fighters, Nirvana, etc.

"We're very fond of rock 'n' roll. We grew up in Scotland but styuff coming out of the U.S. in the 90s felt exotic. It was very appealing to us."

"Bands like Oasis, Blur... Britpop was especially popular then in the U.K. We reacted against that in some ways."


"We are definitekly Scots in our attitude, our world view, our work ethic."

Check out the first single from the band's new double-album, Opposites, at this link. Information on tonight's show at the A&R Bar in the print piece link above.