More from The Beat's interview with Dar Williams.

Catching up with Dar Williams, one of The beat's favorite singer-songwriters, at her Westchester County, N.Y. home a couple weeks back was a real treat. (Read our print piece here.)

As is our hope here at The Beat, the chat often veered from "interview" to "conversation." The fact that her husband answered the hpone when we called, leading to a short story from Ms. Williams about her being a creatrive person but his being a more creative parent, helped a bit.

That's one example.

At one point, we had asked about arranging songs, instrumentation-wise, on a record versus a liv show. She said she brings a keyboard player with her, which she said helps make ths songs sound the way she wants live.

"But the thing that makes (a concert) a living thing is the audience. Well, that or a really drunk sound guy."

We offered to try and arrange this, if she wanted, to which she laughed and said something about it being maybe more fun to have that unknown commodity when she was younger, which led to another story.

"I've had one guy who was really drunk and another guy who was really high. It was interesting to hear which tones each wanted to bring up in the mix."