BalletMet Columbus presents 'Alice in Wonderland'

BalletMet's production of Alice in Wonderland opens tonight at the Capitol Theatre. You've already read some of what Costume Shop manager Erin Rollins told us regarding the important part the costumes play in creating the appropriate mood, and here's a little more:

Of the 79 costumes (seventy-nine!) used throughout the show, 69 of them have headpieces - ranging in size from a standard wig to 2-foot-high contraptions. (See the photo in the print piece we linked above.) "As wigs go, they're heavy," Rollins said of the headpieces for Tweedledee and Tweedledum. "The pinning is pretty elaborate. And of course, once you get both the wigs and their costumes on, it can be a different experience for the dancers."

Rollins said the costumes reflect a variety of styles and periods. She said the idea was to create outrageous costumes that reflected each character rather than adhere to a design style. All, Rollins added, while retaining a child-like quality.

The unusual-ness of the costumes, both in their design and in the way they wear, creates new challenges in maintaining them throughout the course of the show's run, Rollins said.