More from The Beat's interview with Dana Leong.

We could go on and on about Dana Leong, about how he seems like such great guy - granted, we only spent a half-hour or so on the phone with him (resulting in this piece), but he does seem like a great guy - or he's crazy talented and how much time we spent watching YouTube vids of him playing in almost innumerable different settings and combinations and jamming on a host of different styles, or how, as an erstwhile trombone player ourselves Leong helps prove that trombonists are the damn coolest.

Well, it looks like we did go on a bit.

Leong himself was every bit as interested in going on and on about the educational aspect to his two-concert trip to Ohio (the Dana Leong trio is playing both Cincinnati and Columbus). Pretty much unprompted, Leong explained this he's developed a new workshop class on bringing technology on stage to assist in the creation/performance of music, and that he is "super excited" about sharing that with students at Fort Hayes Arts and Academic High School in Columbus and the School for the Creative & Performing Arts in Cincy.

This is only a piece of his teaching schedule. To find an artist excited to share their gifts and talents with others is not rare. To find one every bit as excited to share their creative process and encourage others to pursue the same is a little rarer, and, to borrow a term from Leong, makes us super excited.