More from The Beat's interview with Lera Auerbach.

You already know Lera Auerbach is a gifted performer and composer. (You do know this, right? You read our piece on Auerbach's upcoming "Composer/Performer Project" concerts with ProMusica Chamber Orchestra, right?)

Now that that's out of the way...

We should point out she has, more recently, explored her muse through visual art as well. She acknowledged that she had set some of her interest in art aside when she committed to pursuing music as a career, and that she reconnected with it "very organically."

"I stopped writing program notes six or seven years ago. I did so out of principle, that it is a bad idea. Providing my own interpretation of a piece... that's just one of many possible interpretations. I don't want to restrict the audience from making their own interpretations."

"More and more frequently I found I was making related art, being in a particular state of mind as I composed. I was making art that was created at the same time or somehow related to a composition. So I asked groups that were performing my pieces to display these, to give the audience a chance to explore the image and invite them to make a connection."

How far will Auerbach follow this revived muse? Just last month, she decided, following repeated attempts to remove a pomegranate juice stain from a light-colored wall at her home, to instead create out of it a work of art - a predominantly deep red mural.

Per her Facebook page: "This morning I realized my wish since childhood to splash some colors on the walls."

Now that's commitment.