From The Beat's interview with Grace Adele

That's what had Grace Adele, the cormer Columbus folkie whi now plies her trade in Nashville, attributred her recent spate of writing songs with a more country & western feel. "Inner western demons."

(For needed background, read the latest Random Notes here.)

"We (Adele and her musical partner Keenan Wade" had been digging into more classic country and some jazz. When I started writing songs with a country or western swing style, it felt natural."

Part of this experimentation included the acquisition of Ranger Doug's (from classic country & western act Riders in the Sky) guitar book.

"I wanted to learn some of those cowboy jazz chords."

So her meeting with ERanger Doug was not so much serendipidty as studiousness. After a Riders in the Sky gig, Adele approached Doug about lessons.

"He said no, he doesn't do lessons. But then he invited us over to his Harmony Ranch to jam with him. Even better!"

"I figure it never hurts to ask."

The rest is even more of a good story -- as the relationship led to Riders in the Sky playing on Adele's new record of these country & western songs, Grace Adele Meets the Riders in the Sky.

"I heard their voices singing harmonies in my head on these songs, and their instruemntal style. It was beautiful how this came together."

Adele, Wade and her band will play Natalie's Coal-Fired Pizza Friday, Aug. 22. Visit