More from The Beat's interview with Candye Kane

Lots of good stuff in our interview with blues artis Candye Kane - read it here.

When The Beat last spoke with Kane, she was post-surgery and her cancer was in remission. It has since come back, but Kane is a fighter. The positivity in the interview was contagious.

"I've been fighting cancer since 2008. I was cancer-free for two years after surgery, then it came back. It's inoperable, a rare form of cancer called neuro-endocrine pancreatic cancer. I'm on oral chemo five times a month. My prognosis is very good. They're sdmall tumors and stable right now,. Of course, we're hoping for them to get smaller, but at least I'm stable."

"I'm lucky thast the people in my band are wonderful. Laura Chavez, my guitarist, was pre-med. She's done so much studying for me. She's a real asset and ally."

Kane said that the chemo puts her on significant food restrictions, which can make touring even more of a challenge that in would be already. But she can still sate her appetite for Starbucks -- a grande caramel nonfat cappucino.