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    Motion City Soundtrack has a new album finished, but not yet released. Singer/primary songwriter Justin Pierre told The Beat that the band has also finished another project, a special project about which Pierre was very excited and very secretive. He didn't want to spoil anything, he said.

    So in the meantime, fans will have to sate their MCS appetite with a celebration of the 10th anniversary of the band's biggest record, Commit This to Memory. (For example, tonight at the Newport Music Hall. You read our original print interview with Pierre, right?)

    Expect this show to be an honest one. An honest as possible presentation of the songs as they were recorded.

    "We don't want to (mess) with people who come expecting to hear those songs that way," Pieere said when we asked him about whether to expect reworked versions of any of the songs, or big surprises.

    "We are going to try really hard to play exactly like the record."

    And honesty from the stage as well. Pierre, who spent quite a bit of our interview discussing his journey to ditch drugs and alcohol and get healthy, related the following anecdote:

    "We were playing  a show and I was having a panic attack while on stage. (These are not unusual for him, Pierre said.)  Instead of trying to fight my way through it, I just stopped right there and told the audience what was happening. I just felt like it was better for them to know what was happening and better for me. I told them we'd get through it together."

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    By: Jim Fischer


    1 / 13 / 15