• Rosie Reunion

    Rosie was rock n’ roll royalty in Columbus in the 80s.

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    By: Jim Fischer

    9 / 22 / 11

  • Acoustic series off to Valley Dale

    Four weeks from tomorrow, Zeppelin Productions welcomes Tom Russell to the Grand Valley Dale Ballroom. The show marks the first for Zeppelin since the closing of its previous home at the Columbus Maennerchor.

    Zeppelin founder Alec Wightman provided the following info regarding the classic Columbus venue.

    HOW DO I GET THERE? Valley Dale is located less than 10 minutes from downtown, just off 1-670 near the airport. Depending on where you are coming from.. .you get off at the Fifth Avenue exit from 670, go west on Fifth and turn right on Nelson. Nelson dead ends into Airport Drive and you turn left and then make a quick right on to Sunbury. The Ballroom is on your right just a little bit past Ohio Dominican University.

    IS THERE PARKING? Yep, a huge lot, right next to the building. And, of course, we'll have Jay the Security Guard (a Columbus policeman and good friend) keeping an eye on things, just as we have done at the old Columbus Music Hall and the Maennerchor.

    HOW BIG IS IT? The main floor of the Ballroom, which we will set up with folding chairs like we've always done, is actually a little smaller than the floor at the Maennerchor. However, there is a U-shaped balcony which we can use for big crowds. (Yes, Valley Dale gives us the opportunity to do a few bigger shows if we want.) However, the game plan is to not use the balcony during the shows, and keep the lights out up there and below the balcony downstairs, which should maintain the Zeppelin intimate experience.

    CAN I SEE? We loved the Maennerchor, but many Music Fans (appropriately) complained the stage was too low, especially when the artistes sat. No problem at Valley Dale. A big, high stage. Should be great!

    CAN I DRINK? It was one of the required criteria for a new venue. Many of the Music Fans like a drink while listening to the wonderful artistes we bring to town. Valley Dale has a spiffy art deco bar at the balcony level, which is actually right inside the door from the parking lot. So, before the show and at the break, folks can have a drink up there and mingle, always one of the best parts of the Zeppelin shows. (Over the years, many friendships have been made or renewed at our shows.) Then, we'll herd the Music Fans downstairs to their seats and, during the show, the Valley Dale folks will man (or woman) a small bar in the back of the main floor.

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    By: Jim Fischer

    9 / 1 / 11