Consumers, with Earth Day being observed this week it seems that most stores are onboard with it. Whole Foods has been selling their reusable shopping bags recycled from egg cartons for quite a while. Trader Joe's and Andersons as well have been offering reusable bags to their customers at a low price for the last few years. Recently I am seeing them advertised at most all of the grocery chains from Kroger which have ones to support breast cancer to Walmart. The bags are great for other uses as well. They are perfect to take to the beach or pool. I even use them for a purse or as a carry on bag when I take a flight. Macy's now is joining in the cause this Saturday offering the first 150 customers at each store a free one made of natural cotton with their logo on it. They will be selling them for $3.95 and donating the money to the National Park Foundation. I never go to Aldi's or Sam's Club without them. If we all do our small part we will live in a more green environment. For now happy shopping!

Laurie, The Bag Lady