Consumers, the best way to save money on shoes is to buy them at the end of the season or well into the following season. At the beginning of a season they will be full price. If you wait a few months later they will be marked down quite a bit. The longer you wait the more they go down. The only down side to this is that you may not find your size in the style you want. When walking into any shoe department always head to the clearance rack first. Marshall's, TJ Max, Burlington Coat Factory and DSW usually have a good selection of marked down shoes. Macy's and JC Penney usually have a decent selection as well. Kohl's clearance shoe rack is usually slim pickings. Their usual sale prices plus additional percentages off make their seasonal shoe stock very affordable most of the time. Keep this in mind the next time you go shopping for shoes. For now happy shopping!

Laurie, The Bag Lady