Friends, if you or your family are tired of the same old peanut butter there are a lot of new options for you out there. Recently I have become hooked on raw almond butter. It is salt free and comes in smooth or crunchy. I like the crunchy! I have seen it at Kroger in the Natural Food section for $10.69 a jar and walked away. Recently I found it at Trader Joe's for $4.49 per jar so I did not hesitate to try it. They also have a wide range of other 16 oz. jars of nut butters to choose from. Roasted cashew butter for $4.49, roasted cashew and macadamia nut butter for $5.49, roasted soybean butter for $3.29 and roasted sunflower seed butter for $3.49. If you or someone in your family is allergic to peanuts see if any of these would be a viable option for them. It is a good time to step out of the box and try something new. For now happy shopping!

Laurie, The Bag Lady