Friends, on these hot days of Summer I get nostalgic at times for my childhood days when my sisters, cousins and I would stay with my grandmother. She lived in an old house without air conditioning in Weirton ,WVA but it was a treat for all of us. We loved it when she would give us each $1.00 to walk up to "The Little Store", which was a little convenience mart, and buy a bag of candy. Well those memories came flooding back to me when I stopped at Meijers the other day. As I was in the checkout lane my eye caught the candy and gum selection from those childhood days. See if you remember any of these classics. Razzles, first it's candy then it's gum, Chicklets, Clarks Teaberry gum, Clark bars, Zagnut bars, Pop Rock's candy, Boston Baked Beans, Original Double Gum, regular size bags of Sugar Babies and one of my husband's favorites, regular size Sugar Daddy's. They had another one of my favorites the Doscher's Famous Vanilla French Chew Taffy which is sure to pull those expensive fillings out. The item that really transported me was the Nik-L-Nip small wax bottles filled with sugary liquid. I would bite the top off and drink the liquid. Then I would chew the wax bottle for a few moments. They had such a large selection that I am sure you would find your classic favorite. Unfortunately, a dollar would get you no more than one piece of candy, $.89 to be exact these days. I was tempted to fill a small brown paper bag with a selection of some old familiar favorites and send them off to my sisters and cousins. For now I will just relay my "great find " to them. If you have any classic favorites, look for them at the check-out lane at Meijers. They are not displayed in every aisle so ask if you don't see them. For now happy shopping!

Laurie, The Bag Lady