Friends, each trip to the doctor means yet another prescription to fill. The cost of many medications is outrageous so we need to find ways to cut corners. Here are some suggestions to lower or prescription costs. Check the ads to see what pharmacies are offering gift cards with a new or transferred prescription. Giant Eagle offers a $25.00 gift card as an incentive many times. Some stores may even honor the same deal to keep you from transferring out to somewhere else. Be sure to ask. There can be a big price discrepancy from pharmacy to pharmacy. Call around for prices before heading out to fill the prescription. When possible utilize the mail order 90 day prescription plans on your maintenance medications. Kroger now has a 90 day supply deal for certain maintenance prescriptions as well. Ask your doctor to write prescriptions for generics whenever possible. Most places have an extensive list of generics for $4.00. Ask your doctor for free samples of the medications being prescribed. Many keep a stock of samples they are prescribing so don't be afraid to ask. For now happy shopping!

Laurie, TheBag Lady