Friends, I donít know about you but I love wind chimes. I love to sit out in the early morning with my tea watching my two collies play and listen to the melody of the chimes. One of my first experiences was with one of the cheap little ones that was a present a long time ago. It was nice and had simple ring tones but really didnít have the impact the one on my deck has now. I learned that choosing a wind chime is not a matter of looks such as the color of the rods or pretty stained glass humming birds on the top. Instead it is a matter of the sound. Cheap ones sound discordant and irritate the listener. Of course the tone and the melody that one prefers is very individualistic and the only way to know which one you would really like is to listen to a lot of them. It is like trying perfumes. The better wind chimes are not just put together haphazardly, but are tuned, often by experienced musicians to play certain cords. Some of them sound like church bells from a beautiful cathedral, some have Asian melodies that sound like you are in an ashram in Tibet, and one Mongolian tune I heard sounded to me like clacking metal and was very rustic. Of course this blog is devoted to getting good buys, and that means not just the cheapest price, but the best quality for your money. If you are shopping in a boutique or a garden center which carries wind chimes, take time to listen to them first. Then listen to them a few minutes later. Donít be shy to set them going in the store! Take your time and check out different ones at different places until you learn what is most pleasant to your ear. On-line there are several wonderful sites that specialize in wind chimes and they allow you to hear what the chimes sound like. They show the picture of the chimes and for those who studied music, often give the scale of the notes the chimes play. Some of my favorite sites are: and For now happy shopping!

Laurie, The Bag Lady