Friends, through out the month of October Robin Seisel (Breast Cancer Survivor) and Shonda Palmer raised awareness and money for the cause of the cure for breast cancer. Every Wednesday morning as co-workers from On Target Marketing, The Bag,This Week Publications and Columbus Parent Magazine arrived at work they were greeted by these caring women. They gave each co-worker a breast cancer token gift that they had purchased .These gifts were given a as a reminder to encourage every woman in their life to have their yearly mammograms.. They also hung posters around the building and collected gifts to fill gifts baskets to raffle off! Yesterday they wrapped up the campaign with a reception at lunch time. Beth Doty from Sweet Dreams made pink ribbon cookies and the gift baskets were raffled off. The campaign was a huge success and exceeded expectations. They raised $581.00 for the Susan G. Komen For The Cure Foundation. Breast Cancer is a disease that has stricken way to many women including myself. I had the honor of helping Robin and Shonda pass out the gifts on a few of the Wednesday mornings. My thanks to everyone who participated in this campaign. We will all strive for the day when we do have a Cure for Cancer! For now think passionately pink!

Laurie, TheBag Lady