Friends, we have had an issue with a leak under our kitchen sink for a while now. I had my handyman in to fix it a few months ago. He said the only thing he could figure out was that the facet hose had a hole in it. Hence, I bought a completely new facet and had him replace it . This past weekend my husband looked under the sink to discover that the leak was indeed not taken care of. He turned off one valve that he saw water coming from. I did not think anything about it until this morning when I went to run the dishwasher. The valve obviously turned the water off going to the dishwasher. When my husband came home last night he decided that the dishes needed to be unloaded and washed by hand. This sparred a discussion with my son. He said it was more green to wash dishes by hand than using a dishwasher. Well, that is not actually the case. Despite what people may think, it takes more energy and costs more money to wash dishes by hand over he course of time. Dishwashers take less energy, water and soap than hand washing in the long run. People tend to keep the water running while hand washing. This wastes water over the course of time. When hand washing you also need to change the dish clothes and hand towels often . This also creates more laundry to wash. Also, using the proper water temperature when washing dishes is crucial to getting dishes thoroughly clean. Hot water is necessary to cut grease and kill germs. The temperature of the water should be 110-115 degrees. For rinsing 170 degrees. Unless you are wearing latex gloves your hands would not be able to work with water that hot. Now we never had a dishwasher when I was growing up. My mom was a fanatic about germs so she did not allow my sisters and I to wash the dishes. Honestly, that worked out in our favor. She would put her yellow latex gloves on and use scalding hot water. She would not hand dry them either. Damp towels can cause cross contamination. So they would air dry over night and she would put them away in the morning. The added benefit of the dishwasher is that the hot water dries faster on the dry cycle of the dishwasher. The silverware get sterilized a well. Anyway, my husband washed the dishes for now. Tomorrow I will deal with getting it fixed. For now happy shopping!

Laurie, TheBag Lady