Friends, it is the weekend and that means many of you will be going to the movies. We all need to get out and have some fun without it being a strain on our wallets. If you are planning on heading to the theatre here are some tips on how you can leave the house for less. The first tip is a no brainer. Choose a movie to see from The Dollar Theatre. If that is not an option take your family to the matinee before noon on Friday, Saturday or Sunday for $5.00. Oftentimes a movie will be $6.50 before 4:00 pm instead of the hefty price of $8.50. If you succumb to the $10.95 large popcorn and drink you will still be saving money. Remember you get a free refill on the large popcorn at many theatres. Better yet, skip the popcorn and go out to lunch or dinner instead. For now happy movie going!

Laurie, TheBag Lady