Friends, with list in hand you arrive at the grocery store. Now the task is to decide which department you should shop first. The best strategy is to place the non perishable items in your cart first. This would be any items that do not need to be refrigerated such as canned items, cereals, rice, pasta, cleaning products and so on.

Next, you should move on to the produce department. Fresh produce does not need to be kept cold while you are out shopping. The next stop should be the dairy department, followed by the meat department. Meat and dairy should usually be refrigerated with in an hour or so. Lastly, make your trip through the frozen foods department.

If you are not planning on going straight home, take a cooler with ice or blue ice packs to store your perishable items in. In the warmer months, I keep two coolers in my van for this very purpose. If I make an unexpected purchase, I just pick up a bag of ice and add it to the cooler. For now, happy shopping!

Laurie, TheBAG Lady Sunny 95 Savvy Shopper