Friends, there are many benefits to arranging your travel plans through a reputable travel agent. According to Mary Stephan, president of Allons Travel, there are many misconceptions about how to get the best deals when traveling. The first misconception is that you will get a better price or better amenities by booking direct. Travel agents have much more influence and know all of the ins and outs of getting you the best accommodations for the best price.

There are certain risks travelers take by booking their own travel plans. Travel agents have up to the minute specials on airlines and room accommodations. They also can advise you on the weather conditions, the best restaurants, which rooms have the best view and more.

If you still think you will find a better deal by spending countless hours on the internet planning your dream vacation or weekend getaway Allon's Travel has a price guarantee policy. If someone finds a package with an Online Seller of Travel that is a lower price Allon's Travel will price match it. Just contact them with the details. They need either a screen shot of the price, flights, hotel or invoice of it. They will then submit it to their suppliers. For more information visit For now happy shopping!

Laurie, TheBAG Lady Sunny 95's Savvy Shopper