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Rag Tag strikes chord with inmates

Although they're imprisoned at Marysville's Ohio Reformatory for Women, about 400 inmates recently had their spirits lifted by central Ohio's Rag Tag Worship Team.

Community partners to donate character-building books

Johnstown police, business representatives and school leaders have formed a partnership to help children succeed.

Rt. 62 repaving planned from near Johnstown to Knox County

Despite a major resurfacing project set to begin on U.S. Route 62 on Monday, April 14, area leaders aren't panicking about travel disruptions on the road throughout the spring and summer.
Police beat

Johnstown: Calls fielded about injured deer, loose dogs, dead cat

Johnstown police recently responded to a variety calls regarding animals, including injured deer, loose dogs and a dead cat.
Port Columbus

New direct flights require customer demand, official says

What does it take to add new direct routes to other airports?

Village outbid in try for 2 acres near rec center

Johnstown Village Manager Jim Lenner on April 4 tried to bid on property near the recreation center and park, but his bid wasn't high enough to secure the 2 acres.

Harnessing attention

State auditor's review

Johnstown's Heath illegally hired wife's business in previous job

Johnstown High School principal Michael Heath and his wife have been ordered to repay more than $50,000 because he allegedly entered into an illegal contract with her business while employed by the Mount Gilead school district.
Two makeup days scheduled

New state law won't affect J-M, Northridge

A new state law regarding makeup days likely will have no effect on the Johnstown-Monroe or Northridge school districts this year.

Liggett: Rough winter spread Johnstown's salt supply, crews thin

As 60-degree temperatures warmed central Ohio last week, local communities have been tallying the bill from one of the harshest winters in decades that brought salt shortages, round-the-clock road-crew shifts and plenty of overtime.
Police beat

Johnstown: Thieves target bank accounts

Johnstown police recently received reports of petty theft in connection to personal bank accounts.

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