Upper Arlington

City leaders must rethink plan to outsource 911 calls

I'm confused by what I think are UA's confused priorities.

Elected officials should act to protect parks program funding

I recently discovered that Inniswood received a $190,486.50 grant from the Land and Water Conservation Fund. This caused me to do some digging and I found out that dozens of parks in Franklin County have received grant money from the LWCF.

Keep Hilliard Beautiful provides 'voice' for residents with concerns about development

I write to congratulate Mr. Teater, Mr. Carrier and and the many others who have worked tirelessly these recent months on the Keep Hilliard Beautiful initiative.
Upper Arlington

Revised park plan still carries same expensive price tag

For residents thinking the Northam Park plan has been scaled back, think again.
Upper Arlington

City hasn't abandoned Master Plan concept for Northam Park

Contrary to their recent public statements that the authorized work in Northam Park involves only the pool and playground, UA officials showed at the Jan. 19 City Council session that they still haven't abandoned their goal of redoing Northam Park in the image of the Master Plan.
Upper Arlington

First 'Resident's Guide' session was informative, worthwhile

I attended the first meeting in the series for the Leadership UA "Resident's Guide" and it was an extremely educating event.

Restoration far from the minds of developers who buy here

Crawford Hoying Development Partners' claim that it "has promised to keep the door open for someone willing to try to restore and not demolish" the former Novak Funeral Home should read "they have promised to keep the door open just enough to let the cold air in."

Letter writer overlooks district progress, improved financials

My letter is in response to the letter published Jan. 14. It's a new year, but nothing has changed in the last five years for that author.
Upper Arlington

Salary comparisons raise questions about priorities

Upper Arlington City Council voted on Dec.14 to increase the salary of City Manager Ted Staton to $195,000 and to pay him something called a "retention bonus" of $19,000 ...
Upper Arlington

The more things in UA change, the more they stay the same

I hear that the city has decided to have a comprehensive review of all parks to develop a master plan for improvements. Can you guess what will occur, if anything?
Upper Arlington

City needs parking lots and parks that work

The finest, most expensive road in UA is not a road at all -- it is the promenade.
Upper Arlington

Team UA riding to raise money for cancer research

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Upper Arlington community, our friends, neighbors and families, as well as a special thank you to Nate Ellis of ThisWeek Upper Arlington News for his article featuring TEAM UA Pelotonia.

Community helped make 2015 Good Tidings store a success

I would like to thank our community at large for its support of the Good Tidings Christmas Store. (See ThisWeek Hilliard Northwest News, Dec. 17, "Davidson students help group spread holiday cheer.")

Charter change would give residents a voice

On Aug. 24, 2015, Hilliard City Council passed legislation to change the zoning on an extension of Truman Boulevard, north of Davidson, allowing apartments to be built on that parcel.

As tax levies loom, Davey is voice of reason

You can tell it's the new year in Westerville ... both City Council and the school district are talking tax levies.

Council's actions demonstrate disregard for its constituents

The actions of Hilliard City Council continue to be nothing short of amazing, but certainly not in a manner one would expect from a group supposedly representing its constituents.

More candidates would hold elected officials accountable

On Dec. 14, Hilliard City Council voted 5-2 against an ordinance to place on the ballot a measure that nearly 1,000 Hilliard residents had sought to place on the ballot. The basis for the rejection was a legal opinion developed by a firm hired by Hilliard officials.

Pet owners beware: Coyotes in community put animals at risk

We have lived in the Huber Ridge area for many, many years. We really love our location as our back yard is large and backs up to an open field and woods beyond that. One of the many advantages to living at this location is the abundance of wildlife that we get to see so often.
Upper Arlington

Spending more won't cure UA's communication ills

City management requested $105,000 in the 2016 budget for communications consultation.
Upper Arlington

Residents offer input, but it falls on deaf ears at City Hall

"Public input" to City Council has become a travesty.
Upper Arlington

'Power of community' came through for UACF in 2015

As 2015 is drawing to a close, the Upper Arlington Community Foundation (UACF) would like to extend our sincerest thanks to our donors and friends.
Upper Arlington

Keeping Northam trees will preserve city's green canopy

You can't be serious! In the Dec. 10 ThisWeek Upper Arlington News: "City tree program aimed at growing green canopy" where you could buy a spindly two-inch tree for $200 and have it planted wherever you like.
Upper Arlington

Contributors brought joy to UA library's holiday program

This is a special and busy time in Upper Arlington, and I want to thank everyone who attended our recent holiday events.
Upper Arlington

Communications disconnect still evident at city level

This letter is a two-parter. First, I would like to commend the leaf-collection crews for the wonderful job they did keeping our neighborhood leaf-free during November.
Upper Arlington

Bonuses granted by council show 'disconnect' still exists

I see that the UA city fathers were moved to grant 10-percent bonuses to top management.

Our legislators must consider sponsoring sensible gun bills

I remember April 20, 1999, the day of the shootings at Littleton High School in Columbine, Colo. I was working at an elementary school and wondered how this could be happening.

Rodriguez's job interferes with his duty to city's residents

I want to publicly call on Chris Rodriguez to resign his position as Whitehall's Ward 1 councilman.
Upper Arlington

City should take steps to re-establish climate of trust

It would be wonderful to have a date that we can give our children for the opening of the new pool in Northam Park. It's a pity that the old pool was permitted to deteriorate to the point that it could not be repaired or renovated, but had to be demolished and replaced at considerable expense.
Upper Arlngton

City's trash costs seem to be heading up, up and away

A letter to the editor in the February 2012 ThisWeek Upper Arlington News described how some residents were making it difficult, if not impossible, for trash collectors to remove stickers from garbage cans.
Upper Arlington

Committee members who did not vote shirked their duty

In the Nov. 19 issue of ThisWeek Upper Arlington News. it was reported that the "Northam Park Special Committee" (appointed by council) voted 7-2, with five abstentions, to move the tennis courts from Northam to Thompson Park.
Upper Arlington

Destroying 100 trees won't be an improvement at Northam

With the city's recent declaration of love for trees and their canopy, their plan to destroy somewhere between 100 and 150 healthy trees in Northam Park is all the more disturbing. You don't need new donated popsicle-stick nursery trees if you don't cut down the gorgeous ones we enjoy now. We want the luxurious shade next summer, not 30 years hence.
Upper Arlington

Unless City Council acts, trees will be lost at Northam Park

I am trying to imagine Northam Park after the large shade trees have been destroyed. The Master Plan calls for at least 100 to 150 trees to be cut down.
Upper Arlington

911 outsourcing plan remains flawed and must be stopped

"We can do better" is the now-persistent line from the city concerning outsourcing the community's emergency dispatching.
Genoa Township

Inniswood building possible thanks to volunteers, donors

The Inniswood Greenhouse Multipurpose Building is underway.
Upper Arlington

Pause park plans, give 911 outsourcing more study

A sincere thank you to all who helped in my re-election to City Council. I can't fully express my deep gratitude to those who cast their vote of confidence for me.
Upper Arlington

Successful Evening of Sparkle exceeded fundraising goals

The Upper Arlington Women's Club, in partnership with the Columbus Museum of Art Women's Board, celebrated an Evening of Sparkle and Fashion on Nov. 12 at the Sunny 95 Barn.