Upper Arlington

Both sides need to consider what happens after election

Regardless of whether the recall succeeds or fails, we are all neighbors, and after the recall election, we will need to act like neighbors and recognize that we all share a common goal -- a healthy, thriving UA.
Upper Arlington

City Council did inform residents about Issue 23

How can you have deception without deceit?
Upper Arlington

City Council needs to be transparent and responsive

There has been much public discussion about the best way to improve our premier community of Upper Arlington.
Upper Arlington

Council acted appropriately; recall is expensive, unneeded

We will have a recall election coming soon that will cost Upper Arlington an unnecessary expense and could do serious damage to our community if approved for any City Council member.
Upper Arlington

Council has shown it has more money than sense

In recent letters to the editor, the opponents of the Northam Park plans have been called "settlers" who are backward-thinking, who supposedly think ...
Upper Arlington

Council recall campaign has included many misconceptions

There are misconceptions about the Upper Arlington City Council recall campaign.

Decision on pay raise doesn't pass 'smell test'

When I was a kid, I used to dream of a scenario where my teachers would let me determine my own grade.
Upper Arlington

Issue 23 funds were supposed to fix city 'needs,' not 'wants'

City Council sold Issue 23 as a need to fix infrastructure -- roads, water and sewer lines, curbs and gutters.
Upper Arlington

Recall effort is 'divisive and destructive' for Upper Arlington

Sadly, some of my fellow Upper Arlington residents have seen fit to escalate disagreements regarding improvements to our community to the radical step of initiating a recall of a majority of our City Council members.

Removing extracurricular fees creates 'level field for learning'

I would like to compliment the Grandview Heights school board on its recent decision to offer all extracurricular activities without charge for students of the district.

Success of club's tour depends on community

The Bexley Women's Club has many people to thank for the success of the recent House & Garden Tour ...
Upper Arlington

City's actions regarding Northam Park led to recall

There has been a lot of finger-pointing over the upcoming UA City Council recall.
Upper Arlington

City's challenge still is to reconcile wants, needs, income

Soon we vote to determine whether several elected city officials should be removed from office.
Upper Arlington

Johnson has been a helpful, efficient member of council

Last spring, I met Upper Arlington mayor and City Council member Debbie Johnson at a Windermere Elementary ukulele orchestra concert.

Lions Club helped honor memory of July 4 grand marshal

There are times when you realize just how wonderful your community is. My father, Carl Lang, recently passed away, just months before he was supposed to serve as the grand marshal of Gahanna's Fourth of July parade.

Long-planned medians will benefit Clintonville

I would like to provide some context regarding statements and impressions made in the recent letter to the editor by Virginia H. Songstad.
Upper Arlington

City's dispatching choice needs to focus on lives, not money

Over a year ago, our city administration entered negotiations with the intent of outsourcing our highly responsive emergency dispatching to Columbus, which has been shown through public records to be fraught with operational problems, chronically understaffed and ...
Upper Arlington

Election outcome will be vital to community's future

We would like to thank the thousands of people who turned out for the Upper Arlington parade and the other activities over the Fourth of July weekend. As we walked the parade route, it was reassuring to be reminded why we volunteered to run for and serve on City Council.
Upper Arlington

Making changes doesn't always bring improvements

Mr. Hoyle asserts in his July 7 letter that those advocating recall are "opposed to development, opposed to improvements, opposed to progress and opposed to change of any kind."
Upper Arlington

'Petulance, not patriotism' is a hallmark of recall effort

Upper Arlington is facing a crossroads in our nearly 100-year history. A faction within our community has chosen to file recall petitions against the majority of our City Council.
Upper Arlington

Recall reflects will of the people, not a small faction

The four council members subject to recall are claiming that the more than 3,100 petition signers (more than 15 percent of the number of voters in the last election) are a "faction" that has "opposed every city, school or library levy."
Upper Arlington

Are recall supporters really a 'vocal minority' of residents?

Is it really a "vocal minority" in UA?
Upper Arlington

City Council recall effort is unfortunate necessity

It was with a heavy heart that I read that recall petitions had been filed with the board of elections.

Pets should not be impulse purchases

For the past few months, a pet store in Lewis Center has had people standing on corners with huge signs that say "Puppies!"
Upper Arlington

Questions on survey about 911 system seemed biased

This evening I participated in a city-sponsored telephone survey that purportedly accurately sampled resident opinion related to the 911 issue.
Upper Arlington

Recall threatens city traditions, excellence, forward thinking

We are approaching one of my favorite times in Upper Arlington, July 4.
Upper Arlington

City Council members should not be up for recall

I am saddened and dismayed to see that our community's chronic detractors persisted in the pursuit of recall action against four members of City Council.
Violet Township

Township shouldn't allow refuse-hauling monopoly

I'm very concerned about the Violet Township's actions to take away our choice in garbage service.
Grandview Heights

Beight's accomplishments in sports make Grandview proud

As a parent of three student-athletes in Grandview Heights, I know the challenges these students face when participating in multiple sports and extracurricular activities.
Upper Arlington

Recall effort is about city's tax-and-spend actions

The recall is about so much more than Northam Park. It's really about the nameless, faceless people who have the influence to control the tax-and-spending policies of the community by electing enough compliant individuals who make up the City Council.
Upper Arlington

Recall is an example of the democratic process

Mr. Groezinger, in his letter to the editor in the June 16 edition of ThisWeek Upper Arlington News, thinks council members have done nothing to deserve recall, but he's mistaken.
Upper Arlington

Recent story 'patently biased' against Save Northam Park

We UA residents find it distressing that our beloved local newspaper fails to maintain its expected journalistic integrity, deviating from strict objectivity in reporting the news.

Scientific errors should raise questions with report letter cites

In the June 9 issue of ThisWeek Westerville News & Public Opinion, a letter to the editor accuses city officials of ignoring the "facts" about the dangers of fluoridated water.

Traffic-calming costly, will introduce problems

At the Clintonville Area Commission meeting June 2, it was reported that the proposed planted medians on High Street at Dunedin Road and Indianola Avenue at Melrose Avenue are in the design stage.
Upper Arlington

Council members have done nothing to deserve recall

Our neighbors who we've elected to City Council have nothing more to gain than any other citizen by choosing to upgrade Northam Park.
Upper Arlington

City actions continue to raise questions about transparancy

How revealing that the city attorney would respond to complaints about the destruction of council meeting recordings by asserting that its records retention practices meet legal requirements.

Fluoridation of water done under false pretense

The city of Westerville certainly presents the perfect picture of an idyllic community with its lampposts adorned with bright American flags and bountiful hanging baskets of flowers.

Help during city's Service Day was appreciated

I signed up to receive help May 7, Leadership Worthington's annual Service Day, and want to thank all the individuals who participated in this wonderful project.
Liberty Township

Trustees need to take responsibility

I read, with interest, Thomas Gallick's May 26 article in ThisWeek Olentangy Valley News about the attempted censure of Liberty Township's fire chief, Tim Jensen.
NW Columbus

Library board made right decision to sell land

Northwest Columbus will soon be home to a new police substation thanks to the cooperation of Worthington Libraries and the city of Columbus.

Retiring coach Hauser made positive impact

When my daughter called me from Ohio State to tell me her high school basketball coach, Rick Hauser, was retiring, my mouth dropped. I asked her to repeat herself.
Upper Arlington

Transparent government needs to listen to residents' wants

In a June 1 article in ThisWeek Upper Arlington News, City Attorney Jeanine Hummer asserts that motion language placed in the Jan. 25 city council minutes was "done in error but had no legal effect."
Upper Arlington

Erasure of recordings is affront to open, honest government

The letter published in the May 25 ThisWeek Upper Arlington News by the Upper Arlington city attorney offers legal cover for actions that are a clear affront to anybody interested in having their local government be open, honest and subject to public review.
Upper Arlington

Pattern of behavior in regard to Northam Park is troubling

A letter to the editor from the city attorney published in the May 25 ThisWeek Upper Arlington News is the latest example of a pattern many citizens find troubling.
New Albany

School board lacking in vision and leadership -- not finances

I do not take a stance here on decisions the New Albany Plain Local school board has made -- many I feel correct. That is not the point to this piece.