German Village

Corotis, indeed, credited with naming The Village

In the July 31 story about the painting of a brick house in German Village, reporter Gary Seman noted that property owner Jenny Barnes "claimed" her father Robert Corotis was credited with naming the neighborhood.
New Albany

District officials must justify need for levies

I am opposed to the permanent tax increase (levied in the form of a millage increase on our property) contemplated for our public schools.

Frazell pathway project improved quality of life

I would like to thank the city of Hilliard and the city of Columbus for their partnership on the Frazell Road pathway project.

Strike would be unfair to teachers and students

I have become increasingly concerned over the possibility of an impending strike in the Reynoldsburg school district.

Summer programs provide benefits

Children spend nearly triple the time playing video games or watching TV than they do reading during the summer ...

Disagreement with Sagar does not justify recall

I write today to ask those voters in Pataskala Ward 1 to support Pat Sagar in the Aug. 19 recall election.

Sagar has served with passion, enthusiasm

I have known Pat Sagar for over 25 years.

Sagar: I have supported many projects in Ward 1

It has been said recently that I do not work for the residents of Ward 1.

All residents should have say in city's comprehensive plan

With regard to the initiative to amend the Powell city charter to establish new requirements for the revision of the city's comprehensive plan, perhaps Tom Happensack can explain why he believes ...
Canal Winchester

'Brooklyn's Bags' helped fill food pantry shelves

I'm an 11-year-old student at Canal Winchester Middle School. As part of my 4-H project this year, my friends and I placed bags on doors in some different Canal Winchester neighborhoods asking for donations for the Canal Winchester Food Pantry.
Upper Arlington

'Celebration of pop' not a good use of resources

As a UA parent and an Ohio State University assistant professor who serves as a field specialist in youth nutrition for Ohio State University Extension, I am concerned about a recent program sponsored by the UA Public Library called "Pop for Teens."

Chamber supports city's extension of PROS tax

The Westerville Area Chamber of Commerce announces its support for the Nov. 4 income tax based on a unanimous vote from its board of trustees.

City Council shouldn't drag feet in referendum process

As you know, Powell City Council has done a great job and approved the metering of the train crossing in downtown Powell.
Upper Arlington

City should repurpose existing buildings

I am writing in regards to the ThisWeek Upper Arlington News article (Aug. 7, 2014) on the plans to raze a Lane Avenue office building that city officials have dubbed "obsolete" and redevelop the site to house a restaurant and its corporate offices.

Committee did its job; council members did not

I take no position on whether Reynoldsburg should have maintained its pit-bull ban, repealed it or, for that matter, expanded it to encompass all dogs.

I favor city's purchase of blighted property

In a letter to the ThisWeek Westerville News & Public Opinion, my colleague, Ron Lykins, indicates he has not met anyone who favors buying private properties with (city of Westerville) tax dollars. Here's one.

City's 'short-sighted vision' for restaurant site cancels out environmental efforts

Columbus has a very active environmental community that is committed to good stewardship of our city's resources.
Upper Arlington

Mentors from all walks of life can wield influence

Summer is ending soon and with fall comes students coming back to practices in Upper Arlington Golden Bear stadium and all over central Ohio.

Officials dodged chance to promote community safety

City officials never stated how the ban on pit-bull-type dogs in Reynoldsburg keeps residents safe.

Recall of Sagar is about Ward 1 residents' concerns

Are we in Washington, D.C.? It appears the politicians in Pataskala have circled the wagons to protect one of their own.