Growing red fox population needs addressed

What is the city of Westerville doing to protect our domestic animals? Nothing is being done, is what I am told by Animal Control Officer Kim Stambaugh.
Grandview Heights

City Council candidate trio have proven dedication to city

I enjoyed reading the article, "Team emerges to challenge councilmen," (ThisWeek Tri-Village News, July 9) about the candidacies of Emily Keeler, Ryan Longbrake and Brandon Lynaugh for Grandview Heights City Council.
Upper Arlington

City officials should think again about 911 consolidation plans

Recently, I was heartened to see that the "City Fathers" were again poised to replace the salt-storage barn.

Initiative is about allowing time for residents to exercise a right

I would like to thank ThisWeek Worthington News and reporter Andrew King for the story, "Group aims to provide more time in process," printed July 16, 2015.
Upper Arlington

July 4 in UA exemplifies the true meaning of 'community'

Anyone who has been to Upper Arlington's Fourth of July celebration knows that it is so much more than a fantastic parade and a dazzling fireworks show.
Upper Arlington

Northam Park plans will have an effect on St. Agatha Church

Where does St. Agatha stand on this (Northam Park) issue? Have there been discussions between the city and St. Agatha? If so, what are the results?
Upper Arlington

Redeveloping Northam Park is right thing to do

Most Upper Arlington residents agree that Northam is the "Central Park" for our community.

Resident right to challenge city over charges on his sewer bill

Congratulations to Mr. Hamm for standing for what he believes in (regarding overcharges on his sewer bill).

UMCH plan needs to address issues surrounding stormwater

My concern about the proposed density of the UMCH site addresses a basic development question. How are they going to manage all the stormwater runoff that will be generated from this site layout?

UMCH site should become park that keeps what's best of city

My name is Thomas Kaya, and I will be attending Worthingway Middle School this fall.

Dismissing real issue of project shows council isn't listening

Residents would like some evidence that Worthington City Council is listening.

Listening would have council acting in line with sentiment

If (Worthington City Council members) believe they have been listening, then there is a disconnect as to what "listening" means in this context.

Negative attitudes expressed at meeting were disheartening

We attended the UMCH development meeting held June 29. We wanted to be informed and went with an open mind. Unfortunately, that wasn't the attitude with many folks in attendance.

Values given to partnerships by district seem to be inflated

The Reynoldsburg City School District recently touted its extensive partnerships and grant programming at the June school board meeting, estimating a value of $2.2 million.
New Albany

Volunteer efforts help invest in local students, school district

Are the students in our district worth the investment? How can one know?