Upper Arlington

Chamber supports city's request for tax increase

The Upper Arlington Area Chamber of Commerce announces its strong support of Issue 23, the city's proposal to increase the income tax rate from 2 percent to 2.5 percent, following a meeting of its board of trustees Sept. 11.

Community support makes Honor Flight special

We would like to express our deepest appreciation to our Westerville community for their incredible generosity and support of Honor Flight.
Delaware County

Delaware County doing just fine under GOP leadership

I felt compelled to respond to last week's letter from a Delaware County resident pleading to be rescued from the horrific "one-party politics" of this county.

Don't destroy what attracts so many to Old Worthington

The city of Worthington is reviewing the Showe family plans for adding rental units in the downtown area.

Old Worthington charm worth more than 'fatter city coffers'

Worthington is about to destroy the two-centuries-old coexistence between business and residential neighborhoods in the heart of our town.
Upper Arlington

Plan considers economic realities, financial impact

I encourage Upper Arlington citizens to vote to strengthen the finances of our community, keeping it the desirable place we have chosen to live in.

Plenty of people deserve thanks for street fair

I would like to say thank you if you were one of the 10,000 or so who came out on a cloudy, breezy "game day" to be part of the best party in Hilliard.

Quality education means retaining good teachers

I respond to a letter appearing in the Sept. 18 edition of ThisWeek Reynoldsburg News. The writer, Gloria Campana, referenced a Jan. 19, 2014, Columbus Dispatch article.
Upper Arlington

Residents should rally to save trees on Zollinger

Now that the city of UA has backed off (for now) on allowing commercial development on the front lawn of City Hall, there is another issue that should concern residents.

Reynoldsburg school board 'lost sight' of stakeholders' needs

I am a junior at The Ohio State University, in the Honors Program, studying political science and international studies.

Snow House, Masonic Lodge plans must be studied fully

On Sept. 11, residents in the area learned of a housing proposal in the Old Worthington historic district at North High Street and East and West New England avenues.

A true community spirit prevails throughout Hilliard

Community spirit and volunteerism continues to thrive in Hilliard year round.
Upper Arlington

Answers needed about city employee benefits

In the recently published 2013 Financial Report for the city of Upper Arlington, two expense categories -- public safety and general government -- comprise close to 75 percent of total government expenditures.

Community's support has helped St. James give back

For each of the past 31 years, St. James Lutheran Church has hosted its annual Brats and Crafts Festival during the first full weekend of August.
Dublin, Hilliard

Hilliard's Sept. 11 memorial ceremony was moving

The 9/11 memorial in Hilliard was a solemn and beautiful ceremony.
Upper Arlington

Issue 23 is an investment in city's future

As a UA resident, you have a choice to make, voting for or against Issue 23. As a fellow UA resident, I urge you to take the time to find the facts on Issue 23 for yourself.
Upper Arlington

Issue 23 small price for continued quality of life

My wife and I were both raised in Upper Arlington; we both grew up with all the benefits our city offers. So when it came time to start our family, there was really no choice at all -- we were going to make UA our home.

Alternatives exist to one-party politics

Are you tired of a one-party system in Delaware County politics? I am. Please remember that there is an alternative.
Upper Arlington

Residents must pay for services, infrastructure

It was only a matter of time. Ohio legislators significantly reduced funding to local communities, most notably by ...
Upper Arlington

State choices led to UA's need to seek tax increase

I take issue with William Gable's Sept. 11 comments regarding Issue 23, which would increase the Upper Arlington city income tax rate from 2 to 2.5 percent.
Upper Arlington

Statistic comparison not favorable to UA schools

I would like to call attention to some unsettling recent statistics regarding the ranking of our Upper Arlington High School among other Ohio high schools by the highly regarded U. S. News and World Report.

Teacher contracts should be fair to taxpayers, too

In a Jan. 19, 2014 article ("Local grads less ready for college") The Columbus Dispatch reported, "Even suburban districts with top ratings on state report cards graduated hundreds of students who were assigned to remedial classes. Almost half of Reynoldsburg High School graduates who went to Ohio public colleges needed remediation."

Teachers, district should resume contract talks

I urge the superintendent of our schools and our board of education members to sit down soon and to sit down often with the negotiating team that represents the Reynoldsburg teachers until a contract that is acceptable to all is signed.
Upper Arlington

UA sends strong message about attracting business

As a member of the Upper Arlington Community Improvement Corp. (CIC), it was great to see this week's paper highlight the city's recent agreement with the up-and-coming insurance firm, Overmyer Hall.