New Albany

State needs to re-evaluate how schools are funded

The recent letter to the editor from Bob Radigan ("Local taxes are too high to justify more levies," ThisWeek New Albany News Oct. 16) was exactly right: The property taxes are way too high in the New Albany area compared to the rest of central Ohio.

Rusty Bucket developers don't seem to hear Clintonville's voice

I am concerned about the proposed High Street/Croswell Road development by Rusty Bucket Tavern and Crawford Hoying Real Estate Development.

CAC erred in approving Rusty Bucket plans over opposition

I had the pleasure of chairing the 2012 CAC elections, and as chairman, my only concern was making sure the outcome was fair and accurate. The outcome was considered by some to be a welcome change. Almost three short years later, I'm not convinced. Since then, we've seen our ravines threatened, even bulldozed, and large-scale development slated in most commission districts. While I don't believe all development is bad, I do believe that there is a right place for good development.
New Albany

District has not made case for operating levy

Vote no on Issue 3, which includes a 6.9-mill operating levy.

All parties involved agree: Amendment bad for Powell

A few Powell residents want, by charter amendment, a resident from each of only four of the more than 30 Powell subdivisions and one nonresident to update Powell's comprehensive plan and decide its future instead of the broad-based group of Powell residents who are already updating the comprehensive plan.

Ballot issue is residents' one shot to grab development reins

Traffic. Traffic. Traffic. Sitting in Powell traffic is a waste of my time. Feel the same way? Unless frustrated homeowners take control of Powell's future; our traffic problems are only going to get worse.

Best, Schare support Duffey's re-election

We are writing this letter in support of Rep. Mike Duffey. Over the past four years, Mike has demonstrated that he understands that the job of a state representative is to represent his constituents.

Difficult fight worth trouble to give voice to city residents

Many have asked us, the petitioners, why we have fought so hard -- all the way to the Ohio Supreme Court -- to get the Powell charter amendment on the ballot.

Don't let high-density housing change character of Powell

When my husband and I were house-hunting a little over a year ago, we made a list of the pros and cons of moving to Powell.

Elect Councilwoman French to Common Pleas Court bench

It's election time again. If you are like me, when you read your ballot, you often skip over the names of the many candidates for judge because you don't know anything about them.
Delaware County

Fathbruckner would make fine commissioner

The future of Delaware County is very bright thanks to the hard work and diligent efforts of Jacob Fathbruckner

Fire levy would ensure residents are protected

It's a fine line that people walk between instilling fear into a community or trying to provide it with a dose of reality.

Football team, coaches took time to inspire 8-year-old fan

I would like to share a positive, heartwarming experience I recently had with my 8-year-old grandson, Grady Peterson at Gahanna Lincoln High School.
Delaware County

Gormley most-qualified choice for county common pleas court

For many years, the Delaware County justice system has been well-served by David Gormley, first as an assistant prosecuting attorney, then as our Municipal Court judge.

Issue 1 passage would keep district operating effectively

Gahanna public schools are a source of pride for our community.
Upper Arlington

Issue 23 will allow city to expand on excellence

One does not have to leave Columbus to find examples of communities that have good schools and nice parks with safe well-maintained streets. One can just as easily find nearby communities that are in decline.
Brown Township

Issue 34 is a critical need for Brown Township

On Tuesday, Nov. 4, the voters of Brown Township will be presented with a ballot issue of great importance.

Letter writer changes mind, now supports schools' Issue 1

I am traditionally conservative in my fiscal beliefs, and I have often been a critic of some of the policies and decisions of previous Gahanna-Jefferson school boards and administrations. I have to admit that I believe we now have a good representative board and a sincere and committed superintendent.
Orange Township

Negativity, poor reasoning frustrate center proponent

As an Orange Township resident for 25 years, I find the cynical name-calling and incorrect calculations cited in last week's three negative letters regarding the proposed Orange Township Community Center incredible.

No need to place blame, strike was stressful time

I am writing in response to a letter from Gloria Campana that was published in the Oct. 16 ThisWeek Reynoldsburg News.

Say yes to Issue 24 to nurture our outstanding parks system

We are supporting Issue 24 in Westerville, a renewal of the Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces (PROS) income tax of one quarter of one percent through 2040.

Services, traffic will suffer if city allows developers free rein

Developers know that Powell's a great place to live and they want to cash in on its appeal.

South State city entrance project 'a little too much'

Wow! Have you seen the South State Street Corridor? It looks like a little too much.
Orange Township

This family excited for options community center will bring

I am writing to encourage my fellow Orange Township residents to vote for the community center in November.
Orange Township

Community center: Time is right, plan is optimal

Orange Township residents: Opportunity is at our doorstep.
Orange Township

Township's optimistic numbers could lead to burdensome debt

Did you know that in order for the proposed community center to break even, it will need 16,500 Orange Township residents to buy annual passes, to the amount of $540 per year, per family?

Valasco demonstrates solid character, openness, honesty

We support Dawn Valasco for state representative in the 21st Ohio House District. Her solid character structure, openness and honesty have led us to this decision.
Orange Township

Vote 'yes' to give township much-needed gathering place

In response to the recent letters for voting against the community center, I felt compelled to give a positive perspective on the Orange Township Community Center vote.

'Yes' vote on Issue 1 is in community's best interest

On Nov. 4, the Gahanna community will have the opportunity to show support of our local schools.

Vote with eyes open, ignore distractions

If you're trying to decide how to vote on the proposed charter amendment that's on Powell's November ballot, ask yourself a simple question: Should we protect Powell from high-density housing and the increased traffic that comes along with it? If your answer is "yes," then vote "yes."