Upper Arlington

City Council's transparency meets state requirements

Written minutes prepared by the city clerk and approved by the Upper Arlington City Council are the official record of City Council meetings.
Upper Arlington

Community activism could change the Northam Park plan

Charlie Groezinger wrote a recent letter to the editor that I found sad and disappointing.
Upper Arlington

Feedback on Northam Park actually has been negative

In a ThisWeek article on May 18, Upper Arlington Community Affairs Director Emma Speight claimed that there has been "overwhelming" public feedback in favor of the Phase II Northam Park design.

G-J missing out on too much school funding

Ohio's school-funding formula is a complex one that involves a base amount of money the state deems appropriate for each pupil.
Upper Arlington

Remembering the high school tennis teams of yesteryear

A number of articles this spring have focused on the splendid Upper Arlington boys tennis team. This fabled program has produced 18 state championships since 1974.
Upper Arlington

Residents of community stand against Northam Park plan

I found interest in the letter last week referencing the "settlers" described as a "small vocal group."
Upper Arlington

Erasing meeting recordings hinders accuracy, openess

Many residents are perplexed over what is motivating our council president and city legal staff to erase recordings of all council meetings immediately after minutes are accepted.
New Albany

New Albany principal did right thing in the moment

Since the release of the story regarding New Albany Plain-Local Schools ("High School shuts down student club," The Columbus Dispatch, May 6), the barrage of negativity towards the administration of New Albany High School has been rampant and in abundance.
Upper Arlington

Small, vocal group does not speak for everyone

How much longer must we put up with the weekly letters from the "settlers" regarding Northam Park?

SON Ministries excels at serving students

I congratulate Serving Our Neighbors Ministries on its 10th year of the Hilliard Free Lunch Summer Camp for Kids.
Upper Arlington

Are city officials heeding input they sought?

Slowing down the planning process for Northam Park was the right thing to do.

Dialogue regarding corridor was lacking prior to vote

At the April 18 City Council meeting, just minutes before the vote establishing the new zoning categories for the Wilson Bridge corridor, Councilman David Norstrom revealed that ...

Efforts of Hughes, Duffey that backed pool grant appreciated

As president of Swiminc Inc., the nonprofit that runs Worthington Pools, I wanted to take a moment to extend a special thank you to our state senator, Jim Hughes, for his support and encouragement ...
New Albany

Pay-to-participate fees are hurting students

All children deserve the opportunity to thrive throughout their educational journey in New Albany.
Upper Arlington

No compelling reason to cut down trees, move playground

Spring is here and surveyor stakes are in bloom at the new (old) Tremont pool site, despite the fact that a final council vote on the plan is months away.

WYB congratulates baseball players, coaches on rankings

Last week the Thomas Worthington High School baseball team was ranked fifth in central Ohio, and the Worthington Kilbourne High School team was ranked eighth.
Upper Arlington

Shred Day benefits both the environment and community

We would like to thank everyone who helped make the fourth annual Golden Bear Shred Day/Food & Clothing Drive at Upper Arlington High School on Saturday, April 16, a great success.

City's oldest living tree doesn't receive the notice it deserves

Friday, April 29, is Arbor Day, the day on which we recognize the importance of trees.
Upper Arlington

Council needs to listen to residents about Northam Park

The city posted to its website the transcript of the comments provided at the April 7 public meeting for Northam Park Phase II.

Wayward range balls are costly, dangerous

We live in the Villas at Woodcutter condominium community directly across from the Kinsale Golf driving range. We shudder to think about this new golf season.
Upper Arlington

Flags should have been lowered as a sign of respect

On Wednesday, April 13, the Columbus mayor asked everyone to honor Columbus Police Department Officer Steven Smith, who was killed in action, by lowering American flags to half-staff.
Upper Arlington

Kids can do their part to help protect trees in Northam Park

For the children who climb the trees at the playground in Northam Park, I know how much you like to play in those trees.
Orange Township

Township messed up in spurning Amazon facility

I find it appalling that Orange turned down a good revenue stream and allowed Amazon to take their distribution facilities to New Albany.

Story misses that residents don't want sidewalks

News reports about interviews with politicians are best understood by considering what is not said or written.

Those who display religious symbols divide neighborhood

I have watched with wonder the plethora of religious symbols and signs posted in Clintonville. I have lived here a long time and never experienced this need of neighbors to display one's religious beliefs.
Upper Arlington

'Dramatic modifications' still unwanted in Northam Park

Having wasted untold thousands of dollars in consulting fees to develop the August 2015 Northam master plan that was so soundly rejected by the community, the city has now spent tens of thousands more for consultants to manage the community outreach and a new plan for the park.

Homestead exemption for taxes is not dead

An Ohio constitutional amendment in 1970 created lower property taxes for qualifying senior citizens.

Suggestions from study should make for an interesting read

The story "City poised to opt in for route review," in the March 31 edition of ThisWeek Worthington News, which concerned the state Route 161 study, had me wondering if Ohio Department of Transportation District 6 Administrator Tom Slack had already completed the study.
Upper Arlington

Big buildings not as welcome as shops, eateries

There is no question that walking to restaurants and shops has become more desirable among homeowners.

Respectful debate on feminism is necessary

As a young female in today's society, the ever-continuing controversy over feminism is something that I have encountered countless times as I have grown up. In the past few months, this has become a hot topic at my school, Davidson High School, sparked by articles published in the school's student-led magazine, The Wildcat.
Upper Arlington

Priority should be on street repairs, not park improvements

Based on the location and amount of traffic, my street is ranked as a collector street. According to the UA engineering coordinator, portions of it (my block, I am sure) are among the worst rated in the city.
Upper Arlington

Let UA voters decide if they want a community center

Recent letters promoting the need for an Upper Arlington community center deserve a brief history lesson.
Upper Arlington

Hiring communications expert is not good use of city money

With all of the talent on the Upper Arlington city staff, do we really need to spend $105,000 on a communications expert to help the city communicate with UA residents?

Gahanna has normal people who love Lincoln teams, doughnuts

I'm responding to ThisWeek Rocky Fork Enterprise's March 17 story, "Planners: Community input won't top 'sexy list' but is key."