Pantry reaches new milestones in its serving throughout 2016

In this season of thanks and celebration, all of us at the Worthington Resource Pantry want to extend a giant thank you to everyone who has contributed to helping our neighbors in need. We have been tremendously blessed by the outpouring of support from both volunteers and donors!

New part of trail offers safe travel, view of Hoover

A new, key section of the Ohio to Erie Trail, with spectacular views of the Hoover Reservoir, is open thanks to a $219,944 Clean Ohio Trail Fund grant and the efforts of the village of Galena, Westerville Bicycle Club, Columbus Recreation and Parks Department, Delaware County Friends of the Trail and other supporting entities.

Public servants deserve better facilities

It was disappointing to read in a recent edition of ThisWeek Tri-Village News that Councilman Steve Reynolds received no support for his proposals to initiate meaningful dialogue regarding a plan to replace the Grandview Heights police and fire station.

Board appreciative of support for improvement fund proposal

On behalf of the Bexley Board of Education, I would like to thank our community for their support of the Permanent Improvement Fund levy.
Upper Arlington

Thefts won't harm memory of helping loved one

On the evening of Oct. 14, I took my wife's absentee ballot to the nursing home to enable her to achieve her long-desired wish to vote for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Voters need to consider facts of proposed income measure

It has come to my attention at our most recent town hall meeting that some of the residents of Johnstown may not be aware of certain facts as they pertain to the proposed income measure that they will see at the voting polls on Nov. 8. I am writing this letter in hopes that I can help shed more light on the issue.
Delaware County

911 levy crucial to ensure safety of county's residents

On behalf of Delaware County's fire chiefs, I urge residents to continue their support for the county's first responders by voting "yes" for the Delaware County 911 levy Nov. 8.

Ballot issue could mean tax-bill double whammy

Watch that double-edged school levy coming the way of Columbus property owners.

Board provides 'safety net' for mental health, drug issues

It is an honor to serve our community by co-chairing the renewal levy campaign for the Delaware-Morrow Mental Health & Recovery Services Board -- the providers of mental health and substance abuse prevention and treatment services for our residents.
Upper Arlington

City needs Ganoom's voice, financial expertise on council

Let's give our community a new voice on the Upper Arlington City Council on Nov. 8 by voting in Omar Ganoom.

Committee recommended Issue 59 as making the most sense

Earlier this year I participated in the group that recommended the Westerville City School District proceed with renewal of the March 2012 levy as a substitute levy set forth in Issue 59.

Delaware levy swaps Band-Aid road fixes for true improvement

I know what it is like to be part of a wonderful city because it has been my pleasure and honor to represent our great city of Delaware on City Council for 25 years.
Upper Arlington

Ganoom brings 'real citizen representation' to council

Well surprise, surprise. Sue Ralph was appointed to the Upper Arlington City Council.
Upper Arlington

Ganoom's financial acumen would benefit Upper Arlington

Omar Ganoom wonders, "How is our city going to solve their EPA mandate for water and sewer violations? Where is the plan for how to generate between $100 and $200 million needed to pay for the mandate? How are they dealing with that?"

Gormley more than qualified for seat on state appeals court

Judge Gormley has participated in many different kinds of court cases in many different settings, from local courts to the U.S. Supreme Court. He is blessed with an even judicial temperament.

Helping local students succeed also benefits the community

There's a lot at stake for our Hilliard City School District on Nov. 8. That's why I'm voting for Issue 58.

Hughes' work has helped businesses, community

To the Editor:As a business owner in the district since 1985, I encourage residents of Clintonville and Beechwold to join me in choosing Jim Hughes as our state representative.

Income-tax hike will protect residents at home, on the road

Delaware residents are being asked to support an income-tax increase to pay for road and transportation improvements.
Truro Township

Issue 53 would fund needed replacement of fire station

I would like to ask the voters of Truro Township and Reynoldsburg to vote "yes" on Nov. 8 on Issue 53.

Issue 58 would keep district from using trailers again

The Hilliard City School District is an excellent district that provides a great value to our community. On Nov. 8, it is up to us as residents to protect our investment and maintain that excellence.

Levy has benefits of supporting maintenance without tax hike

In the upcoming election, Bexley has a rare opportunity to support our wonderful Bexley City Schools, without raising taxes.
Grandview Heights

Levy keeps 'Let's go to the library!' as city's refrain

As a teacher in our schools and parent to two young children in our district, I clearly understand that the Grandview Heights Public Library is "where the community connects" for children
Grandview Heights

Library's magic touches all Grandview residents

The Grandview Heights Public Library is one of our community's most valued assets. It consistently wins national awards, offers more than 500 free events and programs for all ages every year and provides free Wi-Fi in the library and all of the parks, not to mention access to over a million books, e-books, music, movies and much more.

Preservation of exemption, no tax increase are reasons for 'yes'

In 2012, our community passed an emergency school levy that is slated to expire in December 2017. I am writing to respectfully recommend the passage on Nov. 8 of a substitute levy -- Issue 59 in Franklin County -- due to the benefits that passage would have for our community and schools.

Problems with aging facilities big drain on district's stability

Our goal at Northridge Local School District is to offer the best education at the greatest value to our taxpayers. I believe that we deliver on that promise each day but doing so is made more difficult by the age of some of our school buildings.

Proposed charter change is not merely housekeeping

I encourage all Gahanna voters to come out and vote Nov. 8. A number of Gahanna charter amendments are on the ballot -- nine, to be exact.
Upper Arlington

Ralph's experience gives her extensive knowledge of city

We are writing to state our support to elect Sue Ralph to the Upper Arlington City Council.
Upper Arlington

Ralph's skills as consensus-builder needed on City Council

My friend, Sue Ralph, is running for City Council. She is courageous, forthright, tactful, experienced and smart.
Upper Arlington

Ralph's vision for city will 'maintain high standards'

There is a lot at stake in the 2016 election, including an unexpected Upper Arlington City Council race.

School levy a 'wise investment' in district's long-term stability

The last four years have seen remarkable things occur in Westerville schools. Rigorous financial planning and accountability in combination with the 2012 levy have enabled our school board and the district to restore nearly all of the cuts resulting from the 2011 levy failure.

Schools are worth celebrating, supporting through Issue 59

It seems like we are surrounded in the media these days by all kinds of negative comments about candidates, celebrities, etc. I would like to draw attention to something to celebrate in our community: the Westerville City School District.

State leaders must shoot down bill that benefits puppy mills

As a constituent in Delaware County, I urge Rep. Margaret Ruhl and Sen. Kris Jordan to oppose SB 331 because it overlooks and promotes the irresponsible and cruel puppy-mill industry.
Upper Arlington

Sue Ralph brings depth of experience, leadership to post

In the words of Marian Wright Edelman, the inspiring founder of the national Children's Defense Fund, "Service is the rent we pay for living. It is the very purpose in life ..."
Upper Arlington

Tremont Center businesses need support from residents

We have lived long and happily as residents in the Tremont Shopping Center area. Recently, we survived the conversion of Tremont Road into the "Main Street" of Upper Arlington, and we have battled through the recall over the changes to Tremont Park and the animosity that created.

Wearing pink this month raised awareness of breast cancer

In October, we recognize Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We are reminded that this is a disease that affects so many of our mothers, sisters and friends.

Bexley neighbors demonstrate understanding, offer support

Today marks 25 years since my husband and I lost our 4-month-old daughter to sudden infant death syndrome.
Delaware County

Cheaper plan shouldn't have been taken off Big Walnut table

Through a Freedom of Information Act request, I received material from the Big Walnut administration, including a breakdown of how the $133.9 million will be spent if the Nov. 8 bond issue passes. After construction is complete and renovations are made, the district will have a capacity of 6,640.
Delaware County

County's 911 levy is an easy decision

Delaware County voters will make many difficult choices Nov. 8, but one decision should be easy: voting for the 911 levy.
Delaware County

Exploding enrollment makes Big Walnut bond issue crucial

In response to the letter from Jane Jackson of Galena published in the Oct. 9 edition of ThisWeek Delaware News, I would like to set the facts straight in regard to our decision to place a bond issue for Big Walnut schools on the November ballot.
Upper Arlington

Ganoom highly qualified, will bring balance to City Council

City Attorney Jeanine Hummer and council insisted that Sue Ralph, replacement in May for Mike Schadek, who left council early this year, could serve out the remainder of his three-plus-year term, contrary to what the charter says. Omar Ganoom contested this in court. Ms. Hummer needed two law firms to defend her own charter and lost quickly, the Supreme Court judging the case illogical and absurd.
Upper Arlington

Ganoom's financial background makes him the 'logical' choice

The upcoming November election for Upper Arlington City Council pits Sue Ralph, a longtime community volunteer, against Omar Ganoom, a longtime UA resident with an extensive background in both public and private finance.
Delaware County

Gormley would be an asset to Fifth District Court of Appeals

As an elected official, I have had the pleasure of working with Common Pleas Court Judge David Gormley for many years.
Upper Arlington

Hughes, Kunze have shown commitment to Upper Arlington

To the EditorArlington residents have been fortunate beneficiaries of the public service of two outstanding legislators representing the community, Jim Hughes and Stephanie Kunze.

Investment in school district helps local businesses prosper

The Hilliard Area Chamber of Commerce is proud to endorse Issue 58 to support the Hilliard City School District.

Issue 59 would keep district on the path to a strong future

I am writing in support of Issue 59, the Westerville City School District's substitute emergency operating levy on the Nov. 8 ballot.
New Albany

Lack of information from parks department hurts levy campaign

I received a card in the mail recently announcing Issue 62 on the November ballot for a parks-district levy.

Levy would allow department to build safer, better fire station

Truro Township is seeking voter approval to replace the current fire station located at 6900 E. Main St. and to rebuild on the same site.
Upper Arlington

Proposed apartments not a good fit at Riverside location

The Board of Zoning and Planning approved Preferred Living's application for a four-story, 76-unit apartment building on Riverside Drive between the Marathon gas station and Puptown Lounge on Sept. 19, 2016, after several postponements, staff concerns and much public objection.
Orange Township

Township too hasty in asking for pair of levies

Voting "yes" on a levy after listening to feel-good sound bites instead of the facts discourages answerability in government spending. Without additional planning in place, Orange Township does not need a new park or road levy right now; we have a $6 million park reserve and enough money to maintain roads. The two levies on the Nov. 8 ballot were decided with no forethought or research just eight days after an employee stated that we needed them.
Upper Arlington

Ralph brings 'dignity, skill and enthusiasm' to City Council

We write in strong support of the election of Sue Ralph to a seat on the Upper Arlington City Council. Not only is she highly qualified but she is the perfect example of the true spirit of UA.
Upper Arlington

Ralph's commitment to city makes her most qualified'

You may agree or disagree with the Ohio Supreme Court's decision to order an election for Upper Arlington City Council. What is indisputable, however, is that Sue Ralph is the most qualified candidate to serve in that position.
Upper Arlington

Support for library levy will not increase residents' taxes

Through the 51 years I have lived in Upper Arlington, I have marveled at the Upper Arlington Public Library's increasingly diverse patron services and collections. Every week I benefit from its collections of books, magazines and DVDs and from using its computers.

Taxpayer responsibility should not extend to college credits

While I am in support of Issue 59 for the future of Westerville students and residents, I am not in favor of our tax dollars being used to continue funding for the College Credit Plus program in the Westerville City School District.

Voting for Issue 59 a beneficial move for schools, taxpayers

For me, Issue 59 in support of continued funding for Westerville schools is an easy "yes" vote.
Upper Arlington

City charter issue should not need outside legal assistance

Not one other central Ohio suburb, other than Upper Arlington, has a bloated $800,000-a-year in-house legal department that employs three full-time attorneys, not to mention support staff.

College Credit Plus program is small yet good investment

Put me on the hook any day of the week if I can help any student accelerate their progress through the K-12/college period.

District earned resident's vote this year, as well as 2011

It was Sept. 21, 2011, when I last wrote to the editor of any local newspaper.
Upper Arlington

Electing someone who will listen should be a priority

Following the failure of the Aug. 23 Upper Arlington City Council recall, much has been said by council members about the need for reconciliation with the thousands of residents who voted in favor of "Yes for Accountability."

Hilliard schools have helped ensure children's success

We believe that a strong public education system is essential to the success of our democracy and our economy. Well-managed schools are the foundations of vibrant communities, and the Hilliard City School District has proven worthy of our support.

Issue 55 offers a way to cover repairs

I am a 1959 graduate of Bexley High School, and after college, military service and working in New York City, I returned in 1970 to live in Bexley. I value all the city of Bexley has to offer, and maintaining the quality of the schools is important to me.

Issue 58 beneficial as a parent, homeowner and resident

I would like to offer three reasons why voting "yes" for the Hilliard City School District levy is a sound decision.

Issue 59 is a deal for residents in terms of taxes, exemptions

By voting "yes" on Issue 59, members of the Westerville community can help to ensure long-term funding for our schools by renewing money that is already in place and, through this particular levy, allow for growth of funds as the community continues to grow.
Upper Arlington

Issue 63 is money well spent to support UA's library system

I wanted to take a moment and write a letter of support for the Upper Arlington Public Library Issue 63 renewal levy.
Lewis Center

Levy reduction vital to Orange Township's parks, trail system

Please vote Tuesday, Nov. 8, and if you live in Orange Township, please vote "yes" for parks.

Passage of levy could ensure good things in district continue

I absolutely love Westerville schools!
Upper Arlington

Ralph brings knowledge, work ethic, imagination to council

I am writing to endorse Sue Ralph for Upper Arlington City Council.

School issue would maintain system without raising taxes

By voting "yes" on Issue 59 and "yes" for Westerville schools, voters in our community can protect and provide stability for our schools and the community for several years to come without raising taxes or millage on current residents.
Upper Arlington

Sue Ralph well-suited to serve UA as member of City Council

As a lifetime resident of Upper Arlington, it has been my privilege to work with Sue Ralph on a number of projects.
Lewis Center

Township levy needs your vote

I am voting for Orange Township sports leagues, walkers, bicyclists, runners and all park users.
Upper Arlington

UA should be a community, not collection of warring factions

The Upper Arlington City Council and administration have communicated with our citizens more than has been acknowledged by some and have a new, aggressive campaign to involve the community in examining needs and wants and available resources -- funds, developable land and citizens' efforts.