Upper Arlington

City saving money at pools, but at what cost to safety?

I have been a resident of Upper Arlington for all of my 48 years. I grew up in the UA schools and spent my summers at the UA pools.

Council needs to remember decisions have lasting impact

Comments made by various City Council members about the upcoming referendum change, giving Worthington residents 60 days instead of 20 days to gather signatures for zoning changes, included dire forecasts about the potential chilling effect approval of this change might have on development within Worthington.

Criticism of all-day kindergarten plan off-base

It was interesting to read Jim Burgess' recent criticisms of the Westerville school board in their unanimous decision to introduce a pilot all-day kindergarten program this year.

Election offers opportunities to protect city's unique quality

We must not be hasty in trying to compete with other area communities and pack our compact "utopia" with copy-cat developments.

Initiative carefully drafted, will not hurt area's homeowners

In response to the ThisWeek Worthington News article, "Law Director: Amendment is worrisome," the purpose of Keep Worthington Beautiful is straightforward: give residents a strong voice in rezoning decisions that impact us all.

Law director's comments don't connect with initiative's intent

The article, "Law director: Amendment is worrisome," by Andrew King, printed Aug. 13 in ThisWeek Worthington News, is deserving of comment.
Upper Arlington

Northam needs updated, but not under current proposals

While Nate Ellis' Aug. 20, 2015, article presented an outline of the Aug. 17 open city council meeting at UAHS, it failed to capture the emotional sentiment from both sides of the discussion over Northam Park.

Pedestrians deserve motorists' obedience to state regulations

Those who drive through Old Worthington on High Street -- if you are familiar with the section of High Street that runs through Old Worthington, you know that a stoplight is found at every intersection except one -- at Stafford and High. This legal crosswalk is, unfortunately, not marked.
Upper Arlington

Save UA 911 does not endorse seven-digit emergency number

In response to Mr. Kandel's inappropriate and incorrect classification of the Save UA 911 group and the information we have disseminated (ThisWeek Upper Arlington News, Aug. 20), we must correct his misdirection on this issue.
Dublin, Worthington

Support of many contributes to fixture of July Fourth plans

On July Fourth, the Dublin-Worthington Rotary Club held its annual Family Picnic on the front lawn of Thomas Worthington High School. It was a beautiful day and the event was a complete success, attracting thousands of participants.
Upper Arlington

'Vanity additions' at Northam are inappropriate, unnecessary

Well, it has been some time since I harassed the city of UA via this forum, so now is as good a time as any to weigh in on Northam Park.

'Embarrassing' development will come with all kinds of strife

The eyesore planned for High Street at North Broadway is truly embarrassing.
Upper Arlington

Calling nonemergency lines could delay arrival of vital help

I was directly involved in the public education programs when Franklin County first introduced 911 back in the mid-'80s. The Save UA 911 organization seems to have a hidden agenda which is fueling their campaign.
Upper Arlington

City recommendations for park improvements are long overdue

I felt compelled to write this letter in support of and appreciation for the collaborative efforts of so many individuals working to improve Northam Park.

City's latest murder-suicide again stresses need for common-sense gun-control measures

I have been an advocate for common-sense gun-control laws since the 1990s. Then, in 2009, Mark Meeks shot and killed his wife and two children just six blocks from my home. I was horrified and have not been able to get it out of my mind. It still haunts me.
Upper Arlington

Renovation can mean renewed vitality for park

OK, I admit it: I'm getting older, just like my buddy up the street, Northam Park.
Columbus, Johnstown

Unknown good samaritans rescued injured bicyclist

Just wanted to say thank you to the two young people that found my 70-year-old husband along the side of Reynolds Road on Aug. 2.