Community supports another great 4th Friday season

A beautiful early fall night marked the end of the 2014 OhioHealth 4th Friday season on Sept. 26.
Northland, Westerville

Consortium's candidates forum both delights and dismays

I recently had the opportunity to attend the "Meet the Candidates" Forum at the Northland Performing Arts Center. I was both delighted and dismayed.

District students benefit from Westerville Parks & Recreation

For many years, children in the Westerville City School District have benefited greatly from our city's fabulous Parks and Recreation facilities.

Are Old Worthington planners listening to residents, groups?

As 54-year residents of Worthington, we are understandably concerned about what seems to us a rush to approval of redevelopment plans for portions of the Old Worthington area.
Licking County

Children-services levy shows care for innocents

Since 1985, Licking County residents have cared for abused and neglected children by supporting the Licking County Children Services levy.
Licking County

Library system is valuable asset that deserves support

This is David Hile, superintendent of the Licking Valley schools and executive director of the Children's Reading Foundation of Licking County, writing to encourage my fellow Licking Countians to support the Licking County Library System's 1-mill renewal levy during this fall's elections.

Fathbruckner would make fine county commissioner

The future of Delaware County is very bright thanks to the hard work and diligent efforts of Jacob Fathbruckner.
Jefferson Township

Fire-levy support comes from firsthand experience

I wanted to share my experience and thoughts on why it's imperative to vote for the Jefferson Township Fire Department and EMS levy (Issue 39) that will be on this November's ballot.
Westerville area

Gonzales has earned re-election

I really wish I could help to vote Chad Monnin into SOME office for Ohio. But, in early voting this year I've cast my ballot for the Anne Gonzales for Ohio's 19th House District.

I appreciate the beautiful new South State Street entrance

As a Westerville resident who lives on the southeast corridor, I am grateful that Westerville has done much to improve this side of the city.

Issue 24 for parks makes sense

I was raised in a Columbus suburb with two parks directly across the street from each other. One had a few soccer fields while the other some tennis courts, basketball courts, and a playground.

Issue 24 isn't just about parks; vote no, hold city accountable

On Nov. 1, 1971, Westerville imposed its first income tax. It was 1/2 percent. On July 1, 1983, it went up another 1/2 percent to 1 percent. On Jan. 1, 1999, it went up another 1/4 percent. Finally on Jan. 1, 2009, it went up 3/4 percent for a total now of 2 percent. See the pattern here?

Issue 24 will help meet park needs for future generations

I am writing in support of Westerville Parks and Recreation and Issue 24.
Jackson Township

Fire department asks for residents' support for Issue 38

While many of those reading this have never had to use the emergency services that the Jackson Township Fire Department provides, they can't be sure that in the future they will never have to make that 9-1-1 call.
Jackson Township

Let's step forward together with 'yes' vote on fire levy

As citizens of Grove City and Jackson Township, you and I individually represent the "power of one" in assuring the ongoing presence of adequate resources to maintain our current quality of high standards of fire and emergency services that literally save lives.

Residents should get involved in Old Worthington's future

Thanks to Dr. Robert Chosy, Worthington City Council member, and Richard Hunter, chairman of the Municipal Planning Commission, for continuing the conversation about development in Old Worthington.

Restaurant developers can't ignore results of Nov. 4 vote

The community has been nearly unanimous in voicing its opposition to the proposed Rusty Bucket Restaurant and Tavern at the corner of High Street and Croswell.
Grove City

These days, we all must pay attention to information literacy

Do you know that October has been Information Literacy Month?

US should join other countries, manage plastic-bag 'scourge'

Many thanks to Kristopher Keller, the Clintonville Area Commission's District 8 representative, for championing a resolution to ban plastic bags in Columbus. Plastic bags are a scourge on our land and water.

Vote to keep Judi French on Ohio Supreme Court

Justice Judi French should retain her seat on the Ohio Supreme Court.

You get what you pay for: Parks tax provides good value

As a former Recreation Advisory Committee chairman, Planning Commission member and a current Uptown Review Board member, I can share from experience that parks are a vital key to major development projects within the city, in how they are integrated into plans and in how they positively impact the area.

Continued support for schools needed from Nov. 4 voters

As co-chairmen of the renewal Delaware City School levy that will appear on the November ballot, we are writing to express our support of this issue and to urge Delaware voters to vote "yes."

Gormley most-qualified choice for county common pleas court

For many years, the Delaware County justice system has been well-served by David Gormley, first as an assistant prosecuting attorney, then as our Municipal Court judge. Now, that public service can continue as Judge Gormley runs for the open position in the Delaware County Common Pleas Court.

Bleak future awaits Powell if city lets apartments go up

Apartments in downtown Powell -- come to our little downtown and spend a tank of gas while you idle standstill in traffic and at the light. Don't walk down the street without your gas mask.
New Albany

State needs to re-evaluate how schools are funded

The recent letter to the editor from Bob Radigan ("Local taxes are too high to justify more levies," ThisWeek New Albany News Oct. 16) was exactly right: The property taxes are way too high in the New Albany area compared to the rest of central Ohio.

Rusty Bucket developers don't seem to hear Clintonville's voice

I am concerned about the proposed High Street/Croswell Road development by Rusty Bucket Tavern and Crawford Hoying Real Estate Development.

CAC erred in approving Rusty Bucket plans over opposition

I had the pleasure of chairing the 2012 CAC elections, and as chairman, my only concern was making sure the outcome was fair and accurate. The outcome was considered by some to be a welcome change. Almost three short years later, I'm not convinced. Since then, we've seen our ravines threatened, even bulldozed, and large-scale development slated in most commission districts. While I don't believe all development is bad, I do believe that there is a right place for good development.
New Albany

District has not made case for operating levy

Vote no on Issue 3, which includes a 6.9-mill operating levy.

All parties involved agree: Amendment bad for Powell

A few Powell residents want, by charter amendment, a resident from each of only four of the more than 30 Powell subdivisions and one nonresident to update Powell's comprehensive plan and decide its future instead of the broad-based group of Powell residents who are already updating the comprehensive plan.

Ballot issue is residents' one shot to grab development reins

Traffic. Traffic. Traffic. Sitting in Powell traffic is a waste of my time. Feel the same way? Unless frustrated homeowners take control of Powell's future; our traffic problems are only going to get worse.