Upper Arlington

Ask first about placing campaign signs in yard

If the person who planted a "YES on 23" sign in my front yard Friday night or Saturday morning had asked first ...
Orange Township

Community center would be a pricey addition for residents

A big thank-you to Jeffery Burger for the clarity and accuracy of his response to Mark Robertson's claims about the planned community center for Orange Township (ThisWeek Olentangy Valley News, Oct. 2).
Orange Township

'Community' dubious term to describe planned center

Orange Township has a so-called community center on the ballot. Now, of course, it is not a community center, per se -- as if each resident has free access to the facility, or even desires the facility.

Continue our parks' journey of success

I am often amazed when I talk to residents and nonresidents alike about Westerville. The first thing they say is what a wonderful parks and bikeway system the city has and what a great Community Center we have.

Disrespect was rampant in classrooms

I'm glad the strike is settled, but there are some things folks ought to know.

District should seek revenue from undervalued properties

I will vote for the Gahanna-Jefferson school district levy, but my vote will be as a result of my grandson's very positive experience with the school district and my belief that as the quality of the district's schools goes so goes the value of all homes within its boundaries.

District's levy would improve safety, benefit community

My third- and fourth-graders at Jefferson Elementary School have changed buses at least three times this school year. It's October. Do you know how confusing that can be to an 8- and 9-year-old?

Educational services available to address a variety of needs

Education opens doors for all children: This fact motivates schools to seek out those who may have disabilities and to offer help to them.
Orange Township

Entrepreneurs, not taxpayers, should fund community center

The proposed Orange Township recreation center that's up for a funding vote in November is another example of a local municipality being out of touch with the average resident and catering to a small vocal minority.

Even one life is worth the cost of Brown Township's fire-levy request

In early August, my husband had a stroke. It was life-threatening. But thanks to Norwich Township medics at Brown Township's Station 82, who came to our Brown Township home in minutes and rushed him to the hospital, he is still with us today.
Grove City

Farmers market is a downtown tradition

As president of the Grove City Area Chamber of Commerce in 2014, I've watched with interest the letters coming recently to the Record concerning the long run of the farmers market located in the Grove City Town Center. I would like to clarify just what the chamber's role is concerning the market.
Delaware, Gahanna

Gahanna school's garden idea should be replicated elsewhere

I am responding to the story written by Marla K. Kuhlman, titled "Cafeterias serve harvest from school's garden" (ThisWeek Rocky Fork Enterprise, Oct. 2, 2014).
Upper Arlington

In Issue 23 debate, fair, equal not the same

Our school district is one of the few in central Ohio consistently rated "excellent" by the Ohio Department of Education.

Issue 1 is bookkeeping trick to gloss over mistakes of past

Apparently, we've come full circle. Citizens For Responsible School Spending warned in 2011 the rising costs of maintaining school staff in Gahanna was unsustainable and that a new levy would be needed every three years to pay for Gahanna-Jefferson employees' compensation, which was far better than that of the citizens who are paying the bills.
Upper Arlington

Issue 23 is yet another head on the tax Medusa

You whack one head off of the tax Medusa and three more grow in its place.

Old Worthington development acceptable if done properly

Showe Development's proposals on East and West New England can meet several objectives, with correction for two serious defects. Without these corrections, this planned development would be toxic to our special Old Worthington environment.

Parks Issue 24 -- not what it appears to be

Westerville was settled in 1806 and operated 165 years without any income tax. In 1971 voters approved a city income tax rate of 0.50 percent.

Poorly run CAC meeting led to another lost opportunity

I attended the CAC meeting on Oct. 2 that was supposed to address the rezoning of the proposed Moo Moo Car Wash at the northern edge of Clintonville.

Quality school district essential for property values, community

My wife and I have raised three children in the Gahanna-Jefferson schools. We are both teachers in Gahanna, and we attend a church in Gahanna. In addition, I grew up in the Gahanna-Jefferson school district and graduated from GLHS myself.

Support award-winning parks with a 'yes' vote

I encourage all Westerville voters to vote 'Yes' on Issue 24, renewing our existing 0.25 percent city income tax supporting Parks.
Genoa Township

Turn down Epcon's plan for condos once again

Over the last year, Epcon has been pushing a high density condo development for a 15-acre site on Maxtown Road in Genoa Township.

Valasco shares our views on education, taxes, transparency

Election time is here again, and thus it's time to carefully examine the positions and records of candidates.
Upper Arlington

Rating shows city does manage finances well

In past weeks, I have read with interest the varying opinions about Issue 23, the proposed increase to Upper Arlington's income tax rate.

Street party that blocked North Broadway rude to neighbors

Again, on a fall Saturday, residents of streets above and below the mansions of East North Broadway were inconvenienced by the closing of the road, a major east-west artery on the north side of town.
New Albany

Taxes are too high to justify more levies

We believe that good schools and fire services are good for the community, but not at any price.
Upper Arlington

Value of infrastructure stretches to many venues

First impressions are everything when you are selling your home. The critical eye of a potential buyer is focused like a laser these days, from the moment they pull up to that one last look at the front of the house and its surroundings as they are pulling away.
Upper Arlington

Voters need to weigh in on city government's role

Upper Arlington is a great community. Why? It is because of the countless number of wonderful people who live and work in the community. Great family neighborhoods create greatness.

Walk for IC attendees, supporters thanked

We just wanted to thank the many people who came out and supported our second annual Walk for Interstitial Cystitis.
Upper Arlington

Being there for each other helps make a difference

Watching the Upper Arlington football players carrying the American flag and then handing it off to Upper Arlington students is a good sign of community.

Better response needed from district officials

This is an open letter to Reynoldsburg City Schools Superintendent Tina Thomas-Manning as well as members of the Reynoldsburg Board of Education.