New Albany

West Coast transplants 'at home' in New Albany

As Ohio transplants raised in southern California, we're often asked if we like it here.
New Albany

Residents had no say in dog-park donation

Did a majority of taxpayers in New Albany vote to commit taxpayers' funds to a dog park?

Zoo levy doesn't reflect priorities in tax funding

I write in opposition to Issue 6, the Columbus Zoo levy. As much as I love furry little animals, Franklin County does not need a $165-million taxpayer funded Downtown zoo.

Tax burden big enough without adding Issue 6

There is much to question regarding the levy for the Columbus Zoo on the ballot May 6.

Zoo's May levy is for wants, not needs

Among things that parents teach their children is the difference between 'need' and 'want.'
Perry Township-Worthington

JEDZ would cause economic hardships

Perhaps residents are aware that Perry Township trustees want them to vote for a new tax zone, a JEDZ that they have quietly formed by legal maneuvering with Worthington over the past year.

With all this UMCH talk, where is owner's voice?

One important voice in the published discussions about the future use of the UMCH property is missing: the property owner's.

Evening Street school's Casino Night was winner

It is with tremendous appreciation that we recognize all of those who made Evening Street Elementary School's third annual Casino Night a tremendous success.