Connor Daniel O’Neill

Restaurant name: Taste Hospitality Group (Mezzo Dublin and the Hubbard Grille)

: Columbus, Ohio

Background: Trained under Paul Yow (formerly of Barcelona) and Rodelio Aglibot (TLC’S The Food Buddha)

Most memorable kitchen experience: One Friday on my 25th birthday, my boss came to work at Mendocino Farms in Los Angeles and told me to call Rodelio Aglibot, who supervised the restaurant’s menu development. When I called him he told me that we won best restaurant, sandwich and I had won best chef for the downtown portion of L.A. and that I should go out and celebrate. Oh boy did I.

Best thing about the Columbus dining scene: Diversity. I dare you to go to an area in the city that you can’t find a great restaurant. There are by far more great restaurants here than anywhere I have ever lived. 

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