Jennifer Lindsey

Restaurant name: The Kitchen, 231 E. Livingston Ave.

: Columbus, Ohio

Background: I come from a nonprofit arts-and-culture background and have a passion for food and cooking, specifically cooking for and with friends and family.

Most memorable kitchen experience: In one of our first weeks in business we had a group in for a participatory dinner party with a Mexican theme. It was a group of attorneys and we had taken over the dessert while they sat down to eat the main course. Anne and I were chatting and enjoying the night when suddenly the churros we were frying started to explode, sending molten hot dough straight up into the brand new hood. The group had no idea what was taking place just a few feet away. We still laugh about the look on our faces when they started to pop.

Best thing about the Columbus dining scene:  The diversity of offerings and the constant reinvention. We are a city, and scene, that is always willing to welcome in a new idea and nurture it along to success. 

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