Kathleen S. Murchison

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

Background: I developed a love of cooking at a very young age. During my years at Ohio State I would always cook for all my friends and roommates. As I grew older my house became the place of entertainment and I was known for my great recipes. I’ve cooked for annual holiday celebrations, vacations and many special events. While on a trip to Paris, I had the opportunity to frequent many cafés. What would be a better retirement project that opening up a café in Columbus? That’s how Kathleen’s Café was born.

Most memorable kitchen experience: Once I was cooking for a progressive dinner in my neighborhood. I was scheduled to make a crown prime rib at my house. I finished the dish and it called for a can of Coca-Cola to be poured over it. I didn’t have a can of Coke so I used my friend’s bourbon and XCoke. The entire dish caught on fire – booties and all. Once I put the fire out the rib tasted great and it was a big hit. I will never forget running my prime rib out to my patio to put the fire out.

Best thing about the Columbus dining scene: The best thing about the Columbus dining scene is its variety. The Columbus market can satisfy any craving from exotic cuisines to a mom and pop diner.

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