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Shrimp fried rice

Courtesy of Paul Yow

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    Mita Shah displays a cone with scoops of the "sitafel," made with cherimoya, also known as custard apple, and Asian berry ice creams at her store, Mardi Gras, 1947 Hard Road.

    Mardi Gras has the scoop on exotic ice cream

    Mita Shah has been making international flavors for 15 years at the Northwest Side store.
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First Draft

Bone Head Red: bold citrus, malty backbone

Upon its opening in 2009, Fat Head’s Brewery began as a modest brewpub on the outskirts of Cleveland.

Staff Q&A: Lime is best in what dish?

ThisWeek staffers say everything from Key lime pie to seafood.
Wine Wisdom

Medium-bodied red puts Portugal on the map

The 2011 Ciconia The Reserva is a wonderful example of what Portugal can offer the savvy wine drinker, Wine Wisdom columnist Kate Howe says.