Voters on May 4 approved Genoa Township's police and fire levies.

Voters on May 4 approved Genoa Township's police and fire levies.

Results from the Delaware County Board of Elections show the 3.8-mill five-year police levy passed with more than 62 percent of the vote and the 4.7-mill five year fire levy passed with more than 58 percent of the vote.

The issues will replace two 3.3-mill five-year levies approved in 2005.

The fire levy will generate $4.4-million for the fire department annually.

Fire chief Gary Honeycutt earlier said the fire levy would allow his department to hire three additional firefighters per shift. Only six firefighters currently respond to calls.

"It's all we have to send," he said.

The police levy is expected to generate $3.6-million for the police department annually.

Township police chief Robert Taylor earlier said revenue from the levy would be used to "maintain" the standards of the police department. No additional staffing will occur.

In a further effort to save money, police officials will extend the life of cruisers from 100,000 miles to 150,000 miles and use motorcycles and bicycles more often in order to reduce mileage on the cruisers, Taylor has said.

Plans to renovate the police department also have been put on the back burner.

"We were going to start renovating this year. Because of the economy and because of being economically conservative, we held off and want to see where we are in five years," Taylor said.

Plans included expanding the current building, enlarging the squad room, adding a training room and enlarging the work space for the administrative staff, Taylor said.

The budget for the renovation was $750,000, which will now be saved, he said.