Our son, Eric, was exposed to Habitat for Humanity through his older brother's house volunteering. Eric is not old enough to work on a Habitat house but found a few ways to help raise money for Habitat until he can work at a build site when he is 16.

In 2010 he co-founded a bowling fundraising event called "Spare a House for Habitat." Through inviting middle school students to bowl, asking community businessmen to provide donations for door prizes and for T-shirts in exchange for business advertising, he and his friend were able to raise over $900 for Habitat. He felt it was a great experience.

They repeated and expanded the event in 2011 and raised over $1,250. In support of this event, Habitat for Humanity Greater Columbus CEO E. J. Thomas attended with his father, who is a former professional bowler. Eric and his friend were very proud to present the check to Habitat for their efforts. They are planning to repeat the event in 2012.

Through his school, Eric has also participated in Shack City, a Habitat-sponsored event, where students sleep outside overnight in cardboard box houses they make to raise money and experience firsthand what it is like to be homeless.

He most recently hosted a Sign-a-Stud fundraiser at a local hardware store, where donations were accepted in exchange for leaving a signed message on a wooden 2x4 stud that will be built into a future Habitat house. Eric is currently assisting on raising awareness for Habitat by collecting donations for an upcoming church-sponsored golf outing to benefit Habitat for Humanity.

Nominated by Lisa McCorkle,

Eric's mother